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Outer / double filler bag combo

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    • One outer bag with two matching filler bags

    • Each bag can hold half or whole load of sand

    • Sand not included

    • Outer bag made of durable 1050D ballistic nylon

    • Filler bags also made of 1050D ballistic nylon

    • Filler bags do NOT leak

    • Small size holds up to 50# (22 kg) sand

    • Small size measures 18" x 34" (46 x 87 cm)

    • Medium size holds up to100 pounds (45 kg) when full

    • Medium outer and filler bags measure 21" x 38" (54 x 97 cm)

    • Large size holds up to 150# (68 kg)

    • Large size measures 24" x 42" (60 x 108 cm)

    • Allows for half or whole weight adjustment

    • You supply your sand or rubber mulch

    • For heavy duty use

    • How to fill them is on our FILLING page

    • See our TRAINING page for exercises and workouts

    • 2 year workmanship guarantee

    • Free USA shipping

    • Go for it

Having two filler bags gives you a great way to have 2 different weights of bag with only one outer bag.  You can either fill one bag full, and the other half, or fill both half and use both at once or not.  Our 4" wide hook/loop is quite strong, so even that is a small workout opening and closing the outer bag.