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Here are some customers who will answer your questions about us and our sandbags via email:

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Here are some emailed reviews from our customers over the years. These are only a few of our many reviews from since 2011.


" We love them.  Already used them a bunch & the big ones are difficult for most people!  The handles are a game changer.  Great product!!!"  Alex, Arkansas 2021
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"Dale, this order doubles my sandbag count: I have the large, small, skinny, and medbag versions and I love the quality! They are tough and versatile and will accomodate any movements imaginable. I think you have created a set of invaluable tools for fitness, thanks for your dedication!" 

Tal, California 2020


"After 6 years I haven’t noticed any wear and tear. The lettering is long gone, but I haven’t had any issues with the bag itself whatsoever. I use the sandbag in my garage since I have moved to Texas I’ve also used the bag with friends and teammates. I always direct people to your website when they are looking for sandbags. You have a great product, and I’ll continue to use mine regularly."  Jeff, Texas 9-28-2019

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"We LOVE them!!!  Thank you."    Carrie, CrossFit, Ohio,  2018

"I think they are great and so do our trainers. They are a good addition to our gym. I like that our members can heave them without doing damage to our floors. The small bag gets the most use by our clientele."   Bill, Arkansas 2017


"I like them alot. I have sandbags by Rogue, Brute Force and some others. I like your built in handles and the ballistic nylon.  I own a martial arts school and have brought some down on weekends do do some brutal conditioning."   John, California  2016

"This sandbag is great.  This the best sandbag I have ever used.  I'm also

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impressed with the way you conduct business. I never expected to receive a follow up email. Most companies are done once they ship their product. Thanks for a great product, and great customer service."  Darren, Texas 2015

 "I like them a lot.  I use them during spring ball with the injured guys who train with me while the team practices.  They hate 'em, I love 'em." 
Kyle, Georgia 2014


 “They are great! Your design is much more effective."  Patricia, Florida 2013

"If you are serious about having the BEST QUALITY EQUIPMENT, YOU MUST HAVE DGKFIT WORKOUT SANDBAGS.”      Jesse, Massachusetts    2013

 "Much easier to use than the ultimate sandbags.” Scott, Western Australia  2012

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 "I dig it. The handle placement definitely makes it work the grip harder which I like. Very happy I picked one up! "     Josh, Florida 2011

“I love it…the construction and design of the bag is wonderful.  I was very pleased with the thickness of the material, and filling it was pretty easy.  The way that it closes shut works wonderfully too…the bag is great.”   – Kevin, New Mexico  2011   (This review is from our first sale in August 2011)

Shop Workout Sandbags here. Below is a screenshot of a recent emailed review from a college strength coach.

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We are proud of our product and our service.  We will never say our sandbags are the best.   We let our customers say that.  You will be treated like we want to be treated when we shop online.  Thank you and all the best, Dale