Here's how to fill your Workout Sandbags filler bags

 Key points:

  • Do not try to see how much weight you can get into any bag.  The whole point of sandbag training is having a LOOSE, shifty bag.  So keep it LOOSE.

  • Be sure to use CLEAN, DRY sand.  Whether you get it at a hardware store in 50# bags, or dig it up in the wild, it must be clean and DRY.  Wet sand will mildew and ruin your bag.  And, it will clump up and not shift properly.  Wild sand can be cleaned by passing it thru a window screen.

  • If necessary, filter the sand thru a window screen to remove small pebbles and sticks.

  • Filler bags will appear to be only half full when stood up on their bottom end.  They are full, because the sand balloons out on the bottom, and when you spread it out it flattens out to allow maximum shifting.  And, the outer bag will not hold a stuffed filler bag.

  • Close the hook/loop closure as shown in the video to prevent creases from forming in between the hook and loop which would allow leaks.

  • Rubber mulch pellets will give about half the weight of sand in any size.

  • Less sand can be used to make a lighter bag.

  • 2 filler bags can be used with half the weight each to be able to adjust weight quickly

  • Clean them with rubbing alcohol by spraying or wiping - NO BLEACH!

Here's how to fill your Workout Sandbags using 3 mil thick contractor bags:

  Key points:

  • Demo Bags  can be bought by you at Home Depot and come with no warranty or promise from us. But, they have served many customers for years.  They will work for 2-4 years without leaks if and only if you do not change them and leave them alone. Also, Iron Hold contractor bags from Ace work well also. 

  • Get some parachute cord, and burn the ends to keep them from fraying.  Use this to tie the bag tightly shut to hold the sand in.

  • Contractor bags are not for quick-changing the load.

  • Again, do not try to see how much weight you can get into the contractor bags.  This defeats the purpose of sandbag training.  Keep it LOOSE so the load will shift.

  • More contractor bags like these are at Ace Hardware.  Get the Iron Hold 55 gallon size bags for all size outer bags.  The 42 gallon size bags will fit the small size only.

  • If you weigh the sand before filling the contractor bags, shoot for a little less than the maximum capacity per size to start. 

  • Roll or fold up the excess bag and either duct tape it or rubber band it shut.

  • Rubber mulch pellets can be used for about half the weight of sand.  Of course, you can always use less sand.

  • Rubbing alcohol sprayed or wiped will disinfect the outer bags -  NO BLEACH!

 Never over-fill your sandbags.   If you must slam the bags, be sure to fill them quite loosely, about 3/4 of their maximum capacity.  Use some fatigue matting on the floor.  Even though they will take it, do not drop them from over shoulder height.  They are made to be used on floors or cement, not gravel or rough surfaces. Do not leave them out in the sun for days on end. If you must, wash them on gentle cycle and hang dry. But better yet, disinfect them with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) by spraying them and letting it dry, or wiping it down with a clean cloth. Do not use bleach! Take care of them and they will last you a lifetime. Thank you for your purchase!  Let us know how you like them. Keep the bags LOOSE. Keep it fun!
 Contractor bags are supplied with every outer bag purchase that does not choose our filler bags.  We throw them in for free.  We offer no guarantee on the contractor bags.  The contractor bags are not for quick-changing.  The affordable price of doing it this way allows you to buy another size.  Fill them, close them, and use them.  Above all , keep them loose and DO NOT OVERFILL THEM. 
workout sandbags fillers
 You can purchase your contractor bags at Ace Hardware.  Get the Iron Hold 42 gallon bags for small and medium outer bags, and the Iron Hold 55 gallon bags for the large outer bags.
For best results, keep your sandbags LOOSE. I recommend about 90% of their full capacity. That is 40-50# for small, about 90-100# for medium, and 140-150# for large bags. They can be underfilled to almost half these weights to suit your needs.
Use CLEAN, DRY sand.  The best source for this is from a home center, buying their 50# bags of play sand.  If you must use sand from a beach/riverbank/desert, make sure it is DRY and CLEAN. Get dry sand by shoveling only the top few inches of sand.  If necessary, clean it by passing it through a window screen.
Any size sandbag can be filled with half these weights with rubber mulch, also available at home centers.
Use two 55 gallon contractor bags for all size sandbags,  If you choose, you can use your duct tape to close them permanently. Oherwise, use the large rubber band included.  It works fine.
After many years of customers using the contractor bags to hold the sand, they have proven themselves to be reliable, leakproof, and durable for holding the sand.  It allows us to concentrate all of your price on the outer bag, using stronger materials. BUT- for best results, get our filler bags. For commercial use, we do NOT recommend using contractor bags.