fitness sandbags ownerMy name is Dale. I am a retired teacher/coach from Texas. I began functional fitness training in the 90's.  After using the "duffel bag" style of sandbags from 2007-2010, we took the entire year of 2010 to redesign them.  Internal handles and a giant beanbag shape made the grip and feel that we wanted.  My wife helped sew the first prototypes.  Our first sale came in August 2011.  Home and commercial clients followed.
training sandbags in stadiumSince 2016 we have sewn them in our onsite shop.  Doing so ensures quality control and allows more of your purchase price to go into stronger materials than our competitors use.  You get more for your money with Workout Sandbags!


 Questions?  Call us at 501-358-2783 or email workoutsandbags@gmail.com


We promise to make you glad you bought from us. You will be treated like

training sandbags in gymwe want to be treated when we shop and buy online. You will be treated with honesty, courtesy, and competence, just like we expect when we buy online.Thank you for choosing Workout Sandbags!