Workouts with Workout Sandbags

Recent favorite workouts with and without sandbags

sandbag training on hill at home

5 rounds for time: All with small fitness sandbag: Walk down and up hilly driveway shouldering sandbag on alternate shoulders / 10 x-lifts

5 x 20 exercise sandbags workout, for time: 20 reps each: waist rolls with small fitness sandbag / pushups with small exercise sandbag / smackdowns with medium fitness sandbag / x-lift with small exercise sandbag / bent over row with medium fitness sandbag

Triple ladder with 40# weighted vest: pullups / dips / squats

50 smackdowns with medium exercise sandbag, for time

3 rounds for time: Run, box with 5# dumbbells on rebounder/mini-trampoline 20 pairs of punches / 20 pullups / 20 swings with 35# medicine ball

Walk down, run up hilly driveway ____ times in 20 minutes

___ rounds in 20 minutes: Climb up and down 5 steps 10 x with medium exercise sandbag shouldered / 1 rope climb / 10 pushups

4 x 25 fitness sandbag workout, for time: 25 reps each: waist rolls with small exercise sandbags / x-lift with small fitness sandbag / smackdowns with medium exercise sandbag / lateral throws with medium fitness sandbags

Whatever you do, mix it up and KEEP IT FUN! Use any and all pieces of exercise equipment you have, including sandbags. If you want more workout suggestions, contact me. Here is more sandbag training advice.

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