Workouts on the road

So, how do you exercise while traveling? What gear do you need to bring on a road trip? I recommend you take a pair of crosstraining shoes, a pair of running shoes (offroad if needed), a jump rope, and a pair of leather-palm gloves. If you insist, bring a resistance band or two. That’s all.

Hotels and motels have stairs. And climbing or running up and down stairs is great exercise. They have parking lots. Running around the parking lot is great exercise. They have swimming pools. Swimming laps, treading water, and walking in deep water are great exercise. A type of “muscle-up” can be done by either standing or not in deep water, with hands on the bank. Pull yourself up and then push yourself up onto your feet by pulling your feet under you. See how deep the water you can do it from. Also, the ladder handgrip makes a good pullup bar. Use it to do one-arm pullups with the feet on the side of the pool.

A great workout that I always seem to do on the road is 100 burpees for time. Only a small space on the floor is needed. Also, by using one of the towels the hotel provides, you can do a great substitute for pullups. The door row is about as effective a back and arm exercise as pullups. And pushups and situps are easy to do anywhere.
And if you are hardcore, go push your car in the parking lot. And the jumprope can be easily used for endurance training. If you are a fan of resistance bands, use one or two to do conbination squat/curl/shoulder presses. Thrusters can be done with resistance bands also.Then, sit, wrap your feet with the band, and pull to exercise your back.

You brought a suitcase, didn’t you? It can be used for weight training. If it is not heavy enough, it can be loaded up with jugs of water. You can bring some for drinking from. Also, books, phone books, magazines, and newspapers can be added to increase resistance. Exercises suited to the suitcase are deadlifts, squats, clean and jerks, snatches, thrusters, and more.

Now, for the truly out-there idea. Use the furniture for weightlifing. You can lift the mattress! And you can lift the chairs.

If you drove to your travel destination and it is private, you can use the spare tire from your vehicle for weight training. Use the leather gloves you brought. Deadlifts, squats, clean and jerks, snatches, and thrusters are possible.

Some hotels have so-called “fitness rooms”. They are stocked with bodybuilding-type equipment that I find almost useless. However, using them is better than nothing. Recently I stayed at a fairly fancy hotel that had one. I got a better workout by doing what I have described above.  Our training page has much more sandbag training advice.
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