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Workout Sandbags Summer 2022

Happy summer 2022 to you from us!  It is hot here, and I assume it is there also.  We do lots of indoor workouts when it is either too hot or too cold.  It seems as though too hot makes for more indoor workouts than too cold.  One outdoor workout we do regularly in the summer is swim.  We are lucky to have a clean water reservoir nearby.  We visit it and swim for our light workouts almost every other workout.  While doing it, we see the fat people floating in the shallow water on their various floats.  They  do not get any exercise doing this.  Then they go onto the beach and eat.  And smoke.  Then they wonder why they get serious medical problems.

 We are proud to say that this summer we are filling another order for our local college, University of Central Arkansas.  We are honored to be chosen by them to outfit their teams for instability training.  Doing so has shown us the importance of drying out your sand before you put it into your filler bags.  Damp sand seems to be common, whether you get it at a riverside sand supplier or in bags at a hardware store.  to dry it out you must spread it out in the sun either on a concrete driveway or porch, or on top of a large tarp.  Keep it only a couple of inches deep.  Turn it to bring the damp sand up to the surface after an hour or two in the sun.  If you keep the sand shallow enough, one long sunny day in the sun will be enough.

Above is a photo of the sand being dried on a tarp in a gravel driveway in the sun.  You get the idea.

Summer is a great time to find new ways to get and stay fit.  You do not necessarily have to go to a gym to do it.  Find places to go and things to do that keep you moving. 

We are certainly aware of the inflation going on now.  Blame who you will, but it is a reality now.  There is a way to reduce your cost of buying Workout Sandbags.  If you are trying to save money, instead of buying an outer/filler bag combo, which we suggest, you can buy just one or more outer bags.  We show you how to use contractor bags to hold the sand leakproof.  If you choose to buy our filler bags in the future, we sell them separately. 

Rather than spending part of your purchase price on advertising, expensive websites, or influencers, we skip that step and spend all of your purchase price on the product.  This gives you more for your money.   Many of our customers over the 11 years we have been in business say ours are the best training sandbags.  We think you will agree.  Grab yours now.

Here's to your health and fitness.

Our Workout Sandbags are here.

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