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Workout Sandbags is 10 years young!

Workout Sandbags is ten years young today!  On August 10, 2011 we sold our first sandbag to a home user in Albuquerque, NM. Some of our customers who have these first generation bags include Cincinnati Bengals, North Dakota HIghway Patrol, Sacramento County Sheriff, University of Wyoming, CrossFit boxes, and many others. Our first and second generation bags used 1000D nylon fabric. Below is a photo of our first generation of training sandbags.

workout sandbags first edition

He was quite happy with his sandbag.  See his review on the bottom of this page: Reviews  His name is Kevin.

In 2012 we decided to cut the crap and just use my initials with "fit" behind them, and our name was DGKFIT, Some of the customers of this second generation of bags include Cincinnati Bengals, Georgia Southern University, CrossFit boxes, and homes from Australia to Austria.  Pictured below is an example of the second generation of Workout Sandbags:

fitness sandbags held up

Then in 2013 we went on another tear and briefly sold our bags under the name of SANDFITUSA.  There we went again, playing the "name game".  For this third generation, we started using black ballistic nylon.  It is much tougher than 1000D nylon of any brand name.  Below is a photo of SANDFITUSA label bags:

workout sandbags sandfit bags

This is confusing, even to us.  But it is hard to find a name in any marketplace.   The key point is that our design has not changed all these years.  BUT- the details of making our bags have improved over these 10 years and still continue to improve. 

Finally, in April 2014, we moved to a domain that we had since 2012,  Pictured below is one of our early Workout Sandbags label bags.

training sandbags on beach

The final generation of Workout Sandbags customers includes Cincinnati Bengals, CrossFit Boxes, Snap Fitness, other gyms, and individuals in UCSA, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Hawaii.  We now use 1050D ballistic nylon fabric, which is the toughest nylon fabric there is.  We sew them with extra-thick thread that takes a special, very large, sewing machine to sew.

As you can see, we have been thru a few names.   I would say, too many.  But the design is the same, and we are the same people behind the bags.   Many of our customers have told us that their bags are still working out with them, even back to the first generation of Workout Sandbags, whatever label it had on it.

We started using sandbags for functional fitness training in 2007.  We bought a set of 3 sizes of one of the only 2 outfits selling them at the time.  After the third year of using it, we worked all of 2010 to design our bags.  Then we took half of 2011 to find the right sewing contractor to sew our bags.  Since 2016 we have sewn them ourselves.  We feel that we can get the quality we want by doing it ourselves.To the best of our knowledge, we are the third outfit to sell training sandbags.

This gives you the best value for your money.   Almost all of your purchase price goes into your sandbags, not to marketing.

If we did not think Workout Sandbags were the best bags for you, we would not waste our time or yours!

Here is where you get them:   Shop

workout sandbags outdoors

Thank you all for ten years of fun and sweat!  Let's do ten more!

All the best,

Dale Kirksey

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