Workout Sandbags for personal trainers

Today I saw an article on Yahoo News / Health about a few personal trainers who are using fitness sandbags to train their celebrity clients.  I am happy they have finally found out the best way to combine strength and power training with downright realworld fitness.

The article says that sandbags are the most humbling piece of fitness equipment.  It describes how much more difficult it is to lift a bag of shifting sand than a barbell or dumbbell.  It says the sand "fights back" the effort to lift it.

I will not go on quoting the article.  Suffice it to say that finally some celebrity personal trainers are finding out how to really train their clients for not only staying looking good, but being able to do the rigorous job of acting in action movies.  While many personal trainers have a studio that clients come to, many others are mobile and go to their clients' homes or offices to train them in their workouts.  The advantage of fitness sandbags becomes obvious quickly in this situation. They are extremely portable and compact.  And they are much safer than barbells and even dumbbells.  If you drop one on your feet, no big deal. But more than anything, the advantage of sandbags over solid weights is that the sand shifts and delivers a much better workout to the prime mover and stabilizer muscles simultaneously.

This week another CrossFit affiliate found us and became a customer.  We appreciate their business.  In the next few weeks, we will continue to reach out to CrossFit and other personal training facilities to tell them about both our fitness sandbags and the benefits of sandbag training in general. 

Last year we had many return customers.  We especially are flattered by customers who give us our business again after using our sandbags for a few months.  Our 2014 return customers include the Cincinnati Bengals, and several gyms around the country.

Our sandbags are in college athletic weight rooms, doctors' offices for occupational strength testing, chiropractors' offices, a state highway patrol training division, a sheriff's department gym, and individuals' homes all over planet Earth.

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