Winter Workouts

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It is only mid-November and the polar vortex is already over us in mid-America.  Unless you live on the southern West Coast, or in south Florida, you are already in the grips of another harsh winter.  This affects many of us who do functional fitness.  It just seems as though functional fitness workouts are more fun outdoors.  And there are so many ways you can do them outdoors.  

I am from the Texas gulf coast.  And it rarely freezes there.  So cold weather is not in my tolerance zone.   Here is why.  I have the cold weather workout clothes.  But when I do a tough workout outdoors in cold weather, the sweat gets hit by the cold air or wind and creates comfort problems.  So when it is too cold, most of us probably tend to do our workouts indoors.

Before I describe how to do indoor winter workouts, there are plenty of you who shovel snow in the winter.  I watch the TV reports from Buffalo.  Here is my advice to those who must shovel snow in the winter.  Of course it is a great workout.  But beware of doing it as your only workout.  Never shovel snow all winter long and stop exercising come spring and summer.  That will give you a heart attack, no matter how young you are.  Cold air contricts your blood vessels and puts more strain on your heart.

That said, how can we do good functional fitness workouts indoors at home?  There are plenty of ways.  The first way is to know that you do not have to always do them at home.   You can do a functional fitness workout at work.  If you work in a building with stairs, you have a great functional fitness exercise device right there.  You can either climb stairs before, during, or after work.  You can do it on your lunch break.  If I were the boss, I would encourage workers to take 10 to 20 minutes of their working hours either in the morning or afternoon to do a workout.  The physical activity stimulates your brain and gives you ideas as to how to better do your job.  I hope you have such a boss.

Back to home.  Here are some suggestions on how to do functional fitness workouts at home.  Do you have stairs in your home or apartment?  There you go.  You can either walk or run up and down them.  You can also carry a sandbag on your shoulders while doing it.  Or, you can wear a weighted vest or a "chain vest" I told you about in a previous post.

If you do not have stairs, you can make them with stools.  Just go to a store and buy some Rubbermaid stools.  They come in either 7 inch tall or 12 inch tall sizes.  I use the 7" tall size for putting my feet on when doing pushups with my hands on basketballs.  The 12" size is used for doing stepovers.  You can do them either with or without a sandbag on your shoulder.

Those exercises take good care of your legs.  As I mentioned above, you can do pushups and pullups and situps indoors quite easily. And of course our fitness sandbags make indoor home workouts quite easy in very little space.  So how do you run indoors?  I use a mini-trampoline that is also called a rebounder.  I have had a Needak for almost 15 years and it has held up very well.  If you have room, you can use a jump rope indoors.  

These are only some ideas on how to get started doing winter workouts at home or at work indoors.  I am sure you have others.  The most important thing is to keep your body guessing by doing a different workout with different exercises every other day.  Here's to your health.  Here's to your functional fitness.  Here is some great tips for sandbag training.

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