workout sandbags in snow

Winter 2022 Sandbag Training

Happy New Year 2022 to you!  Here's wishing you all the health and fitness for the new year.

Workout Sandbags enters its eleventh year in 2022!  Thank you all for all your business in 2021, and every year since 2011.

It seems as though the virus will never go away.  But it will.  I predict that by summer, it will be at least dormant.  Thank you for your help in controlling it.

Late in 2021 one of our best customers bought some more of our sandbags for about the fifth or sixth time.  He has enough of them to make an igloo out of.  He has all three sizes, and fills each size with different weights of sand, to have an extremely variable range of sandbag weights for him to use.   And, he lives in an apartment!  He has at least 2 of the other brands of bags.  Including Brutes.  He compares our 1050D ballistic nylon fabric with their 1000D fabric in this way: "Your ballistic nylon blows away the Cordura".  Quote. 

He sent a link to a luggage maker's site where he describes 1050D ballistic nylon.  He says that 1050D is a misnomer.  This is because the fabric is twice as thick and strong as 1050D regular nylon.   This is because the nylon yarn is woven in DOUBLE strands in each direction in the basket-weave.  So, this makes an equivalent of 2100D nylon fabric.

Recently I have been going back to an old trick for post-workout nutrition.  Immediately after workout, I make a small drink of milk mixed with one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses.  This delivers both protein and carbs to the muscles.  After a workout, muscles will drink up carbs and use it for recovery.

Keep up the training.  Summer is coming, and we will get thru this pandemic.  Until then, keep it FUN.  Here are our Workout Sandbags.



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