Winter 2019 Workout Sandbags

Happy new year to you, even though it is now February!  Surf's up on the west coast from storms, and there is no surf on the Great Lakes because they are frozen over!  But they are thawing out soon.  Spring is coming soon.  It is time to get ready for spring outdoor activities.

workout sandbags on rocks


Recent research verifies what we already knew by common sense.  The more sleep we get, the healthier we are, and the longer we live.  And, I will extend that by saying, the more sleep we get, the fitter we are.  If you must get up at are around dawn, do not stay up for the late-night TV shows.  In fact, go to bed around 9 pm on those nights.   Also, consider working out after work and before dinner, instead on before work and sunrise.  You will get an extra hour of sleep, and it will help both your overall health and fitness.

I keep seeing videos of people using what I call the "duffel-bag" style sandbag in action.  By duffel-bag style, I mean just about every other brand training sandbags except ours.  They are made like a duffel bag with handles sewn to the outside of them.  And, don't get me wrong.  Most of them are good bags.  But me and our customers say ours are better.  Here are a few reasons why.  First, the duffel-bag style bunches the sand together into a cylinder shape that minimizes the gravity and shifting of the sand.  Ours spread out the sand by making it flatter, like a giant beanbag.  This creates more resistance by making the center of gravity more spread out.

Second, and just as important, their external handles give you an indirect feel of the shifting sand.  Our handles are sewn into the bag, and you grab the bag itself and your body gets a direct feel of the shifting sand.  Another benefit of our internal handles is evident from seeing their videos.  When they do a clean or any other move with their sandbag, the inertia of the lift causes the bag to pivot around and swing on the handles.  Our bags do not swing and pivot.  You must do the entire move all the way through without any "coasting" of the motion.  When you do a move with our bags, you must follow through the entire move with your effort.  There is no "coasting" of the bag swinging on its handles.

Another health and fitness tip is to drink pure water.  Also, do not use plastic containers for your water.  Even BPA-free plastics contain some harmful chemicals that get into your body.  Use glass or stainless steel.  Use a water filter to purify your water from any tap.  We use the Berkey brand.  We have a large one for home use, and will be getting a small portable one soon for travel.  Take care of yourself.  Get our Workout Sandbags here.

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