Winter 2017 workouts

Happy New Year to you!  Last night it snowed here and it is pretty outside.  I will take Jenni out to play in it.  She loves to run in the snow.  That is a good warmup for a serious workout.

For the last couple of months I have found myself doing sandbag training indoors.  There have been a few warm, sunny days that I used to run outdoors.  But most of my workouts have been indoors since early December.

The great thing about workout sandbags is that they are much better suited to home workouts than either barbells or dumbbells.  They are also well suited to indoor gym workouts, too.  Their compact, portable size and shape allows them to fit into small spaces, and their soft nature allows them to be put or even slammed down on the floor of your home.

Here we go with some recent winter workouts with sandbags.  They use all sizes of sandbags.  The small size is very useful, even to big men, for doing pushups, pullups, and situps.  You can  see how many rounds you can do of 5 pushups with the small sandbag on your back.  Or do the same with pollups and situps.

The extra large sandbag can be used ( by most of us) for either deadlifts, twisting deadlifts, or a new move I call the walking bear hug.  Just bear hug the bag after cleaning it, and walk with it.  A sort of modified farmer's walk.  Find a place in your living room, such as the dinner table, and walk around it.  See how many times you can do it.

The medium size bag can be used to do one-shoulder walks around the lliving room.  Do one lap first on one shoulder, then change it to the other shoulder, and do that.  Do it for about 10 times, then something else, such as:  Lay on your back on a mat, and do chest presses ( the sandbag equivalent of a bench press ) but do them very slowly.  Or, you can use a small sandbag and do them with one arm at a time.   

A favorite workout I keep coming back to is how many rounds can I do of 10 reps each of smackdowns and lateral throws.  I use a medium size bag, but use whatever is best for you.

Another good move is to hold the bag overhead by first lifting it overhead, then putting your hands on the bottom side of it, and walk around the house while holding it  overhead.  This can be either part of a workout or a warmup move. To see drawings of the exercises, see our training page.

And, possibly the best workout I do indoors, it is 3 or more rounds of 10 reps turkish getups, 10 reps pushups.  All done with a small sandbag.

Keep it up this winter.  Spring is coming. See our sandbag training page here.

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