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If you search any search engine for "workout sandbags", you will get many choices of suppliers of this form of strength and power training.  So why buy from us?  Before I answer that question, I must say that the others guys' products are good.  But our customers say ours is better.  Without restating their reviews, I will try to explain why our sandbags are better for your functional fitness  needs than theirs.

 Our fitness sandbags were designed while using all 3 sizes of one of the other guys' bags from 2007 to 2010.  In 2011 we began selling our exercise sandbags online.  And our very first customer sent us a rave review on it.  

Before I talk about our sandbags, please allow me to present my humble credentials. While teaching high school biology in the 90's, I took up backpacking and mountaineering in the Rocky Mountains to recharge and refresh.  And for fun.  Carrying a 30 to 40 pound pack on your back at over 10,000 feet elevation up and down steep slopes is a very strenuous hobby.  And it took yearlong training to do in the summer.  I took to climbing up and down football stadium stands with chains around my waist and shoulders.  And I did it every other day while walking, running, and biking on the days between.  Below are some photos from those days. My point is that I know functional fitness training.  I  have been doing it for over 20 years, continue to do it at the age of 64, and hope to still be doing it at 74.

workout sandbags training in mountains

exercise sandbags owner on mountain

But that is not the point of this post.  Our point is to tell you why you should buy our sandbags, not theirs.  So here goes. 

When I used those sandbags from the other guys, the first thing I noticed was that I had to grab the bag by handles on the outside.   I must say that those handles have been much improved over these years.  But, they are still handles on the outside of the bag.  You are still grabbing the bag of sand indirectly.  And I did not like that.  It made it both harder to grab but also and most importantly made the shifting sand effect less felt by my body and all its prime mover and stabilizer muscles.  My experience as a biology teacher included a few years teaching human anatomy and physiology.  I will not bore you with names of muscles and other terminology.  But I will say that the main benefit of sandbag training over solid weight training is that the shifting sand forces the stabilizer muscles into play to correct for the shifting of the sand as you lift it.  And it is these stabilizer muscles that account for much of athletic ability.

I call the standard other guys' sandbags the "duffel bag" design.  This is because they are made like a log with handles sewn to the outside of the bag.  A modern duffel bag is designed this way in order to force the load into a mass in the middle of the bag in order to lessen the difficulty of lifting it.  Our sandbags, on the other hand, are made like a giant beanbag that lays somewhat flatter and spreads the load out.  This decentralizes the load and makes it harder to lift a given amount of sand. We fold our fabric around industrial rubber hose handles and sew around it to make built-in handles that allow you to lift and feel the bag of shifting sand like it is supposed to be felt.  This is a better way to do sandbag training.

 workout sandbags training in mountains


Here is a photo showing our fitness sandbags.  Notice that they can be held by internal handles either on the side or end of the sandbag.  This allows you do do many exercises.  But there is another advantage to these handles being where they are.  The side handles force the sand to go around them, creating an hourglass shape of the sand inside the inner bags.  This makes the bags somewhat heavier on the ends, and again creates more resistance for a given amount of sand than for a bag with the sand bunched up together in its middle.


Below is a photo showing our sandbags being held by their end handles. We will sum this post up by telling you that we do not make our sandbags from 1000D nylon.  That is the standard fabric that the other guys make their bags from.   And it is plenty strong.  But we go even further and use a stronger fabric, called ballistic nylon.  It is made by weaving 2 strands of yard in each direction.  Therefore, it is about twice as strong and abrasion resistant than any 1000D nylon fabric, including Mil-Spec. 

exercise sandbags owner on mountain

The thread we use to sew our sandbags is about 2 to 3 times as thick as the thread the other guys use.  This very thick thread requires special extra heavy duty sewing machines to sew it with.  Both the heavier fabric and thread costs more than the other guys' materials.  How we save is by spending less on our website.  So, we put most of what you spend on our products into the products, not the website!

2015 is our fourth year of supplying sandbags to you.  We have supplied them to many gyms, college and pro football teams.  Many of our customers return with more business after using our bags for years.  We are proud of our product.  We are so sure you will be satisfied with them that we guarantee the stitching on them for 3 years. 

 Thank you for your business.  Get your Workout Sandbags here.

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