Who uses Workout Sandbags?

Who uses Workout Sandbags?

So who does use Workout Sandbags?  First of all individuals in homes all over the USA and world.  we have happy customers in Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii, and most of the continental USA states. Our overseas customers include homes in Australia, Austria, United Kingdom, and Canada.  After spending the entire year of 2010 designing and improving our original idea for a sandbag, we started selling them in August 2011.  Before 2011 was out, the Cincinnati Bengals bougtht some.  They bought 4 more times through the years.  And, their strength coach bought 3 times from us for his personal use.

In 2012 colleges started buying from us.  Since then, several college athletic departments have outfitted their teams with Workout Sandbags.  The list includes US Naval Academy, University of Wyoming, Georgia Southern University, and lately University of Central Arkansas here in our town of Conway.

Several CrossFit boxes have our sandbags, including boxes in Providence RI, Rochester NY, Charleston SC, Knoxville, TN, Columbus, OH and Telluride CO.  Other gyms own Workout Sandbags also, including Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, and Global Fitness. Dojos and chiropractors use them also. First responders including North Dakota Highway Patrol and Sacramento County Sheriff uses them. 

Our sandbags are not made to handle like a soft barbell, like the other guys' bags.  Instead, they are made to handle with instability while giving a better grip with built-in handles. We will never claim they are "the best".  That is so biased a statement as to be absurd.  But many of our customers say they are the best.  Several of their reviews are on our reviews page.  We also have some customers there who will answer your questions about our product and service there.

We are nowhere near the most famous sandbags.  Several other makers outshout us.  But many of our customers say they have tried theirs and prefer ours to theirs.  We spend your purchase price on the product, not its hype.

We are proud of our handmade original design Workout Sandbags.  If you have questions about them, call us at 501-358-2783 or email workoutsandbags@gmail.com.

We promise you will be happy with your sandbags or your money back!

Here is our complete line of Workout Sandbags.


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