Which size Workout Sandbags is for me?

Today I would like to address the question of "which size Workout Sandbags should I buy?  Which size you buy depends upon your age, gender, size, and the exercises you want to do.

If you are in your teens, and let's say male, you might want to buy a small and medium size. With the small sandbag you can do turkish getups, pushups, situps, x-llits, and other of the most difficult exercises that can be done with sandbags.  With the medium sandbag, you can do exercises such as clean and jerks, lateral throws, smackdowns, and more.  These exercises are actually easier to do with twice the weight as a small sandbag. If you want to buy only one sandbag, I would recommend buying a medium.  You could fill it very loosely and later fill it with more sand.  You could also fill it with rubber mulch nuggets for about the same weight as a small sandbag.  Then as you grow and get stronger, you could fill it with sand.

If you are female of any age, you might consider again buying the small and medium sandbags.   Here is why.  You can do most of the exercises I listed above with the small sandbag, and use the medium sandbag for what us big guys do with a large sandbag.  An example of a large  exercise for big guys is the clean and jerk and deadlift.  These are total body functional fitness exercises that are great for exercising your whole body at once.  If you want to buy only one sandbag, it should be the small size.

If you are male and fully grown, you can consider buying a small, medium, and large sandbag combo.  You could then do the hardest exercises with the small sandbag, the medium difficulty exercises with the medium, and the hardest, low rep exercises with the large sandbag.  The large sandbag is great for big guys to do clean and jerks with in low rep numbers.  It can also be used for smackdowns and lateral throws in very low rep numbers.

For you professional athletes of considerable size and strength, consider buying all three sizes in the combo.  You save by buying all 3 sizes at once.  The  large sandbag is great for deadlifts, either done straight on or twisting while you lift from one side of your body to the other side.

If you are a CrossFit or other gym, professional sports team, or college athletic department, I recommend buying either the small medium large combo or the small medium large combo. with each size filler bag.

Any size or age athlete can use any size of our sandbags.  For example, our large sandbags hold about one hundred fifty pounds ( or 68 kilograms ) of sand.  But that is their weight when fully filled.  You do not have to fill them all the way.  You can fill the extra large ( or any other size for that matter ) to be very loose.  This increases the shifting sand effect to make it an even better functional fitness tool.

If you have any questions about which size to get, call Dale at 501-358-2783 and we will help you. 

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