Walk, swim, drink, eat, and sleep

Workout Sandbags owner and dog

Regardless of your age or hereditary level of fitness, you can optimize your health and fitness by practicing some common sense every day.  The first thing you can do is walk plenty.  Walk around home, park as far away from the door when you shop and walk further, walk your dog.  Have an athletic breed as I do (pictured above) that makes you keep up with her.  When weather allows, or indoors, swim.  It is one of the best exercises there is.  When you vacation, take a break from workout routines and swim for exercise.  And maybe climb a few stairs.  

Drink plenty of water.  Try to stay away from chlorinated water.  Chlorine is an oxidizer, and we don't want that.  Try to buy gallons of spring water, or have a filter on your fridge that removes chlorine.  Drink plenty of water.  

Eat at least 4 times a day.  I usually have a mid-afternoon snack of peanut butter on toast with raisins and sunflower nuts.  By all means, have a good, big breakfast.  If it is a workout day, have oatmeal.  If an off day, consider eggs.  Stay away from salt, sugar, soda pop, fried foods, and excessive fat.  But we do need some fats, especially olive oil.  Use fatfree cottage cheese to raise protein levels, as in your oatmeal.  A good pre- and post- workout drink is skim milk fortified with lowfat ricotta cheese to raise its protein level.  Post workout, you can add a teaspoon of molasses to this mix to deliver some fast carbs to your muscles.  Use common sense about food.

Get plenty of sleep.  Skip late-night TV and go to bed before 10 pm.  When you can and feel like it, take a nap. 

Here's to your heath.   There is more great training advice on our training page here.

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