Virus update April 2020

Hello friends,

    Here's wishing you good luck during the pandemic.  As a retired biology/science teacher, I can say that this is no hoax.  But if you stay away from close contact with people, you will stay well.

If you are stuck at home, and reading this, you obviously are interested in functional fitness.  I am convinced that a mixture of running, bodyweight exercises, and sandbag training is the best way to keep in shape.  After using what I call the "duffel-bag" style training sandbags for 3 years, from 2007-2010, I redesigned them to lift and feel more like a sandbag, and not an imitation soft barbell.  Ours are designed to move like a sandbag, not a soft barbell.

Enough of that.  What I want to say to you is this:  You can buy from Workout Sandbags in confidence during the Coronavirus pandemic.   Here's why.  We have taken our inventory home and also the sewing machine we make them with.  So, all of our production and fulfillment is done right from my home.  And, it is surrounded by 6 acres of woods.  

I have not been out to eat in over a month.  I have not been to a store in a month.  We stay at home and stay well.  As long as you can buy off of, we are well.  If I were to get sick with the virus, I would disable the buying option on the website.  So, as long as you can buy from us, we are well.  Only I touch the bags.  My wife does her online business also, sewing women's clothes and sending them to customers.  The shop where her clothes are sold is closed.

When you get your box with your Workout Sandbags order, you can be sure that its contents will be free of the virus.  But, the outside of the box has been handled by the US Postal Service.  So, if you want to be sure, put some rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle, and spray the outside of the box when it arrives.  Then wash your hands with the alcohol.  Wait a few minutes, and open the box and enjoy.

Our home isolation has brought many more of you to our site, and our sales have actually gone up in the last month.  We thank you all for your shopping and your business.  We will get through this.

Here's to your health and fitness. Shop Workout Sandbags here.

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