Train like an athlete

If you want to look and perform like an athlete, then you have to think like an athlete.  The trick is not to train yourself into athletic ability first, then think you are one.  The trick is to FIRST proclaim yourself an athlete and then train like you are one.

This simple psychology is the driving force behind a successful functional fitness strategy.  In order to be successful at anything, you first must pronounce yourself a success and act accordingly.  So, what are you going to do today to live like an athlete?  Even if it is parking the furthest away from the door at work and walking the extra hundred yards, do it.  Even if it is only climbing the stairs once you get into the building, do it.

Let's examine a few examples.  If you want to become a boxing champion, you must think and train like a champion.  You can't think and train like a contender.  You must think and train like you are already the champion.  If you want to climb mountains, you must savor the thrill of victory you get when you summit.  Even if you live in the flatlands, you can train like a mountain climber by climbing stairs or stadium stands.  This is what i did in the 90's.  

If you want to be fit, you must think like a fit person.  Fit people consider food as fuel and building materials for their bodies.  They do not consider food as a source of fun and pleasure.  That does not mean you can't eat what you like.  But it does mean that you can't eat anything and everything.  You must especially train yourself to dislike the aftertaste of sugar.  Sugar is poison.  It is an addicting drug that kills slowly.  And it must be avoided almost without exception.  The one exception that I and other fitness advisors allow is semi-sweet dark chocolate chips.  But eat only about 4 after lunch for dessert.  Do not eat them after dinner.  

By thinking like an already fit person, you set yourself up for success.  You must keep in mind what fit people eat and what they do.  Fit people do not sit all day.  They walk as far as they can when they shop and go to work.  They eat healthy food with plenty of protein.  They eat fruit for dessert instead of sugary treats.  And most of all they plan on staying fit for life.  This planning on staying fit is what keeps you in the game of functional fitness.  You can use no exercise equipment, by doing bodyweight exercises, or you can use any and all exercise equipment.

I think you get the idea.  Here's to your health and functional fitness.  There are plenty more exercise and workout ideas on our sandbag workouts page. 

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