Top ten exercises

Here's a list of my top ten exercises

And none of them use exercise sandbags!

Okay, let’s say you are only marginally interested in exercise and don’t want to invest lots of time and money in what you might think is complicated, expensive, difficult, and time-consumng. Or, you might be either a frequent traveler or on a vacation.
Here is a list of the top ten exercises you can do with little or no equipment. They are also the best to ten for their benefits. The first five are my favorites, the second five are in no particular descending order.
 1  RUN / WALK   All it takes is shoes and time.  You can either walk and run or just walk.  It depends upon your fitness level.  You can use a chain vest to make a walk more difficult.  A great way to run is to do it in intervals with walking.

2  SWIM   Either in summer or in an indoor facility, it is a great exercise for all ages.

3  STAIR CLIMBING   Can be done with or without weighted vest or chain.  Can also be done at stadiums, over stools, and up and down hills.

 4  PUSHUP   All types, can be done one-handed against a wall, or with two hands, each on basketballs.

5 PULLUP door rows will substitute if no pullup bar is available

6 SITUP use pillow under lumbar region to support the lower back

7   DIPS   Can be done either with a dip station on a pullup tree or between the backs of two chairs




Whatever you do, just get moving. See our training page here.

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