Three year old Workout Sandbags

exercise sandbags after over 3 years

Above is a photo of a pair of our exercise sandbags that were lent to the local CrossFit box to test.  We loaned them these sandbags in August of 2011, about three and a half years ago.  They were used and abused for these years, and now are in our archives.

The one on the left is a medium size and the one of the right is a small.  We are pleased to say that they are still in great condition, except for being dirty.  We try to put mostly helpful advice on this blog, but from time to time we will update you about our products. And this is one of those times.

These were from our original batch of sandbags.  We still have some made of this fabric.  But we now make them from an even tougher fabric than the original fabric of these.  These bags are made of 1000D nylon fabric.  It is a plenty tough fabric.  To the best of my knowledge, it is the fabric that most or all of our competitors make their sandbags from.  We now make our sandbags from a tougher nylon fabric.  It is called ballistic nylon.  It won't stop a bullet, but it is extremely abrasion resistant.  You could probably tie one to the trailer hitch on your vehicle and drag it down a gravel road.  It would probably survive that abuse without being torn.

Pictured below is a closeup of the stitching around the side handles of the sandbags in the above picture.  The side handles are in the middle of the bag and force the sand to go around the pinch in the shape of the bag that the handles make.  This pinch forces the sand to push against the stitching and is the greatest stress point on our design.  And, as you can see, the stitches have held up after over three years.

exercise sandbags stitching

We now sew our exercise sandbags with not only thicker, stronger ballistic nylon fabric, but we sew them with thread that is about three times as thick and strong as the thread on our original sandbags pictured here.  This is why we can guarantee our sandbags for 3 years.


In August of 2015 we will celebrate the fourth aniversary of our first sale.  In these four years, we have collected the feedback of our customers.  We do not make up their reviews.  We simply copy and paste them onto our website for you to see how those customers who came before you like our sandbags.  We are quite confident you will like our sandbags just as much as they do.  

There are so many exercises and workouts you can do with sandbags, we cannot list them all. Thank you for your business over these four years! See our Workout Sandbags reviews here.

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