The best training sandbags?

The best training sandbags?

Every one of our competitors tells you on their website that theirs are the best.  We feel that judgment is something the customer should make.  Over the ten years that we have been selling Workout Sandbags, we have been told many times that ours are the best.  Many of our customers have first bought the other bags, then tried ours.  And they say ours are better.   So we will say this:   Their bags are good, ours are better.

Our customers either leave a review on the product page or email a review to us.   Several of the emailed reviews have been screenshot and put onto this site.  Some are on this page.  Unless the customer gives us permission to give their email address as a reference, we erase their email address and name.  We can take out from the screenshot, but we cannot add to it.  Here is a screenshot of a customer's review below:


workout sandbags review

Since we do not play the "name game" of having a sexy sounding name, you might be skeptical of our quality.  Suffice it to say, we do not spend your purchase price money on names and their registration.  We spend your money on thicker, stronger fabric, thicker, stronger thread, and a better, original design that handles like a sandbag should.

In short, we will not tell you that  ours are the best bags.  That is not our place to do so.  That judgement is up to you. 

But over and over again, our customers tell us either how happy they are with their bags or that ours are the best out there.  And, several of them have said so after buying bags from the other guys.


But I will tell you this:  My dog Jenni is the best dog in the world!  See what I mean?  I am biased.   She is the best dog in the world - to me.  And, I hope you feel the same way about your dog.


I have read the reviews and ratings of our competitors.  If one buys from them, and likes the bag, that makes their declaration a biased opinion about that bag.  BUT - and this is a big but - If that bag is the best bag for them, it is!  If you are looking for the standard design fitness sandbags with external handles, held together with a zipper, then you have many choices.  They are all the same.   The main difference I see in them is the name.  So which sexy name do you want?  If you want an original design bag that we spent 3 years designing, and one year making, then ours is the one for you.  Our giant beanbag shape maximizes the instability of the sand, and our internal handles give you a better grip and a direct feel of the shifting sand, at the same time.  It adds up to, in our biased opinion, the best sandbag training experience.

As for the ratings, we have never been contacted for a bag to try and rate in comparison with the other guys' duffel bag design bags.  They, in our opinion, are also playing the "name game". 

Don't misunderstand us.   Theirs are good bags.  Ours are simply better designed, made with stronger materials, and give a better workout.

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