Thank you 2020!

Thank you 2020 for being a great year for Workout Sandbags!  Many of you have been stuck at home, and have bought our bags for personal use.   If fact, over triple as much this year as 2019!  In our current pandemic and other troubles, I want to thank you kindly for all your business this year.

This year we gained customers from a second and third Hawaiian island, Canada again, and all over the USA.  This year we introduced a cost effective alternative to the medicine ball.  We call it the Medicine Bag.  Some of you have discovered it and have liked it.  

We are now offering our outer bags with one or two filler bags.  This gives you the option of either filling the filler bag with all the capacity of the outer bag, or two more options.   You can either fill two filler bags with half the outer bag's capacity, or fill one filler bag with all the outer bag's capacity, and the other bag with somewhere near half.  I am not sure which would work best, but I suspect the whole and half way would work best.

That is because our bags work better at delivering the shifting sand effect directly to your body by having the filler and outer bags hold the entire amount of sand.  This allows them to shift as a whole.  Also, our internal handgrips let you grip the bag directly instead of indirectly with external handles hanging off.

The virus has forced many of you to work out at home.  And, this is not a bad thing.  Especially when you ditch the dumbbells and barbells and go with sandbags only for your weight training.  Sandbag training with some bodyweight training and enhanced bodyweight training and running is the way to go.

For instance, if you are a gal or small guy, get a small and medium sandbag.  If you are a larger guy, get a large size bag also.  You can see some of the moves you can do with Workout Sandbags on this page.  Other pieces of workout gear for a great home gym include a pullup bar, a couple of basketballs to put your hands on for pushups, a weighted vest, and an old tire.  And some running shoes.

Winter and the virus will be gone soon.  Until then, stay safe and warm.   Here's wishing you a happy 2021.  Shop for Workout Sandbags here

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