Summer workouts

To paraphrase Mick, summer's here and the time is right for workin' out in the streets.   Or on the beach, or in a park, or just who knows how. I  hope is it warm and happy where you are.  It has been quite rainy here, due to the coming El Nino.  

There are many workouts you can do outdoors in warm weather.  Since I am from the Texas gulf coast, heat does not bother me.   I figure I can always splash some water on me.  Anyway, here are some workouts that can be done outdoors.

If you have a place to run, just do it.  You can run and walk in intervals, run and do bodyweight exercises in intervals, or run and do sandbag training in intervals.

Any way you do it, summer is the right time for outdoor exercise.  And, you don't even have to do a traditional workout to get great exercise.

Okay, with all that said, here we go.  The first and most obvious thing you can do in summer is swim.  Do it either at a beach, river, or lake.  If you are at a river, swim upstream for intervals.  If you must, use a pool.  This can even be done on vacation.  After a long day of driving, it sure helps you relax and sleep better.

If you are lucky like me and have a hilly driveway or easy access to a hill, use it.  Run down and up it and alternate the running part with any number of bodyweight exercises, such as rope climbs, pushups, situps, and so on.  Other times, alternate the running with sandbag exercises such as smackdowns, lateral throws, x-lifts, or any other number of my favorite sandbag exercises.

As for the running, don't always just run up and down the hill.  A great interval workout is to walk down the hill and sprint up it.  This is great to do for number of reps in a given amount of time.

A great sandbag exercise on the hill is to carry a small sandbag down the hill on first one shoulder then the other.  Then when you get to the top of the hill,  presumably to your porch, do pushups with the small sandbag on your back, or situps with the small sandbag held under your chin, or waist rolls in combination with the above or other exercises.

Don't be afraid to make a workout out of mowing the yard.  It all depends upon the size and terrain of your yard.  Mine is on a slope and is a workout to mow.  It is admittedly a light workout, but here I want to make a point.  Sometimes, a light workout is just what you need to break up the heavy workouts and allow for extra recovery.  Try it, and you will be amazed at how hard you can come back after the light workout.  Other yard work can qualify for a light workout also.

Back to the beach.  You don't have to have an ocean beach for this.  Find a sandy beach, and run on the loosest sand you can find.  You will be amazed at how tough a workout it is.  If you do have an ocean beach, bodysurf or boardsurf or stand-up paddle.  Bodysurfing takes no gear. The others do.  

Whatever you choose to do this summer, just get out there and do it.  See our sandbag training page here.

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