Summer 2017

Here it is summer of 2017.  We just got back from a long vacation to Oregon.  Some of you place orders, which were filled from the nearest post office.

As I have said before, we all need a vacation.  It is my opinion that we also need a vacation from our workout routine.  That's right.  Take a week, two, or more and just and play somewhere.  Get your exercise swimming, climbing motel stairs, climbing up and down cliffs to get to a beach, and of course relax.

workout sandbags in oregon

If you insist on working out while on vacation or otherwise travel, the pool is a great place to do it.  But best of all, most hotels and motels have stairs.  Do some intervals of running up and walking down the stairs.

For upper body exercise, pushups and situps work great.  For your back, put a towel over a doorknob, sit on the floor, and do pullups using the towel to pull up with until you are standing.  Then sit back down slowly and repeat.

And of course you can just run.

Yes, you can take Workout Sandbags with you.  And as you can see, there are places with plenty of sand to fill them with, if you choose to leave the sand at home.

Get Workout Sandbags here.

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