Summer 2016 indoor workouts

As usual, it has been a hot summer.  Depending upon where you live, it can be too hot to want to do workouts outdoors.  I prefer working out outdoors.  It just feels right.  But when it is too hot or too cold, I go indoors.  A frequent outdoor summer workout for me that is not too hot is a nearby lake.  I swim across it and back.  It is what i call a "recovery workout".  I do it on days that i want an easy workout to recover from a hard one before.

But for the purposes of this post, I will assume that you do not have a lake nearby.  And you want to do indoor workouts.  Our Workout Sandbags are, of course, well suited to indoor workouts.  They are compact, portable, and safe for indoor use.  There are so many moves you can do with them, I will not go into that here.

Here are a couple of indoor tools you can use for your workouts.  The first is a set of stools.   I use Rubbermaid ones that are 12" tall.  I did not buy them all at once, but ended up with 4.  That allows me to go over each one twice with each

fitness training stools

leg.  The step up works the back of your leg muscles, and the step down works the front leg muscles.  Go over them once and turn around and go over them again.  You can space them out so you either alternate legs, or do one leg one direction, and the other leg back.  You can warm up with no added weight, them use a sandbag on first one shoulder, then the other shouder.  Or, you can use either a weighted vest or a pair of chains hanging around your shoulder.

The other great indoor workout tool is a rebounder.  I have a Needak brand one I bought in 2000 that has held up very well.  I am sure there are other quality ones, and of course there are the cheap ones you can get at any big-box store.  

You can run on a rebounder at any pace you want.  You can alternate running on it with other exercises, such as pushups, pullups, situps, and more.  And, of course, you can use the stools described above in a circuit training workout.

A favorite workout of mine is to use a pair of 3 or 5 pound dumbbells in my hand while running on the rebounder.  I box into the air with them.  This is a surprisingly great workout all by itself.  Usually I alternate this with other exercises in a circuit training workout.  Here is a photo of my rebounder.  See our sandbag training page here.

rebounder for fitness training

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