Spring workouts

It has been a wet, cold winter here in mid-America.  We have had a few windows of decent weather in teh last month.  Yesterday was the first full day of spring. So I will list some of the outdoor workouts I have been able to do in these few nice days so far.  I hope they come in useful to you where you are.  Some use exercise sandbags, some use other equipment, some just use bodyweight.

You need to have the right clothes for doing outdoor workouts.  I know there are plenty of expensive outdoor workout clothes, but I must admit that I go cheap and get mine at Walmart.  The Starter and Russell brands they sell have some very good outdoor workout clothes made of performance fabrics.  In my opinion, it is wise to save your money for other pieces of exercise equipment that is available elsewhere.  Shoes are one piece of equipment that I go with more quality.  I have a hilly, rocky driveway that I use very often.   I either walk or run up and down it.  When I carry the sandbag up and down it, I need some sturdier shoes.  I use some trail running shoes by North Face that I got from REI.  When I just run, I use some trail running shoes by New Balance.  

Often I mix running up and down or walking up and down with a sandbag shouldered with other exercises.  They tend to be bodyweight exercises, but have their resistance levels raised often with a sandbag.  The bodyweight exercises I most often do with the hill walk/run are pushups, pullups, situps, lunges, and more.

Here are some recent workouts you can do outdoors at home.  Some of them are for number of rounds completed, but you can do them for time, or how many rounds in about 20 minutes elapsed time.  For the sake of this post, I will assume you have a hill to climb or some stairs or steps.  But I will describe them as going up and down a hilly driveway.

Do as many rounds as you can with 10 reps each.  Use a small sandbag to increase the resistance.  Walk down and up the hill with the sandbag first on one shoulder, then the other shoulder.  At the top of the hill, do 10 pushups with the small sandbag on your back, and your hands on basketballs.  Then do 10 situps with the small bag held under your chin over your chest.  Then do 10 waist rolls.  For a description of waist rolls, see our sandbag workouts page.

This workout go 3 stars from me for difficulty and effectiveness.  I did 4 rounds.  If you are much younger than me, you can probably do 5 rounds.  Do 10 reps of each exercise.  The first exercise is smackdowns with a medium sandbag.  The second exercise is 10 reps of plain old pullups. What a workout.

Then there is the classic tire workout that I do often outdoors.  I use an old 18-inch pickup truck tire.  I carry it overhead downhill, and do lateral throws with it uphill.  I do 3 rounds.  I bet you can do 4 or 5 rounds.

Here's wishing you good weather where you are. Get outdoors and do your workouts.  It helps keep it fun, and that of course helps keep you doing it and staying fit.

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