Spring training 2022

Spring training 2022

   Happy spring 2022 to you!  2022 is our 11th year supplying you with top quality functional fitness sandbags for your instability training.  We hope you are well and happy this spring.

   If you have not already done so, get outside and do your workouts.   Run, walk with our sandbags, enjoy the spring weather.

   We would like to express our deepest support for the people of Ukraine in their fight against the terrorist Russians.  Russia has been building up to this inevitable attack for all of my life, and that is a long time.  Make no mistake about it:  Russia is a terrorist state.  Putin is a murderer.  We wish to extend our thanks to those all over the world who have volunteered to fight with Ukraine.  We will prevail!

   A useful tool I  have found is a long sleeve polyester t shirt that i got from Hanes.  I use highly visible colors, red and white.  When it is hot, wet the shirt and wear it wet.  The high rate of evaporation from the polyester fabric is like wearing air conditioning.  And, it prevents skin cancer.

   Whatever you do this spring and summer, get out and enjoy it.  Even if all you do is walk, just do it.  A bag of sand on alternate shoulders is a great way to upgrade your walk.   Running up a hill and walking down is a great workout.  Between laps, you can do pushups.  Some good leather gloves come in handy for protecting your hands.

    Keep it moving this spring.   Here are our Workout Sandbags.



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