Spring 2017 sandbag training workouts

Spring 2017 is about a month old now, and it is time to tell about some new (or old) workouts that we do with the optimum weather that spring brings.

Before we discuss new workouts for your Workout Sandbags, I would like to rant a little about how some people use sandbags for training.  Recently I saw on TV an interview with a trainer at a hospital's gym in my town.  She was showing the TV reporter how to exercise with sandbags.  But the exercises she and the reporter did were nothing more than a sandbag version of barbell exercises.  There was no twisting 3 dimensional motion to the moves.  What is the point using a sandbag for strength and power training if you do not use it like a sandbag?  So that is my point.  If you are going to use sandbags for your fitness training, use them in twisting, 3 dimensional moves that maximize the shifting sand effect and do the best good for your whole body, not just isolated muscles.

There are several workouts with sandbags that I keep coming back to.  A recent favorite uses the medium bag ( about 80#).  It goes, at least for me in my old age, 5 rounds of 5 reps each.  I do 5 reps of smackdowns and then 5 reps of lateral throws.  Then i want around a little, then do it again.

When I run, I am lucky to have both a hilly driveway and live on a very hilly road.  I can choose between the driveway and the road for my run.  The runs are done interval-style, with a run and walk alternating.  The road is like a roller coaster.  I run down a small hill, then up a small hill to the top.  Then I walk back.  I do as many reps of this as I feel like.  As for the driveway, I walk down it and run up it, as many times as I feel like.

A workout that I do over the years is simple but brutal.  It uses only a small sandbag, weighing about forty pounds.  It also uses an exercise mat for padding.  I do 3 rounds of 10 reps each.  The moves are turkish getups and pushups.  The turkish getups are done 5 on one leg, with the bag on the opposite shoulder, then switch legs and shoulders.  The pushups are done with the bag on my back, with my feet on a 7" tall stool and each hand on a basketball.

If you are too busy or don't have gear, a great workout to do is stair climbing/running.  Find some stairs or steps, and go up and down them.  Then you can simply do pushups.  This works your lower then upper body.

Also, an old tire that you can get for free at any tire retailer is a great workout tool.  Carry it overhead a distance, then turn around and throw it laterally back, first from one side of your body, then the other.  Then when you get to your "home" position, use an eight pound sledge hammer and beat on it.

Okay, that's it for spring 2017.  We will talk again in summer 2017. More sandbag training tips are here.

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