Sometimes take it easy

Happy spring 2021 to you!  2021 is our tenth year in business!  We thank you all for your support.  Here I go with some more fitness advice.    Take it easy sometimes.


Muscles need rest in order to grow and strengthen.  Exercise stresses our muscles and rest allows them to recover and grow stronger and sometimes larger.  The older you get, the more you will realize this. So just remember, that muscles grow and the body adapts with REST after exercise, not during exercise.  REST and recovery is vital!

If you are older than our natural biological peak of 25, as in 30 or older, you need to consider working out every other day.  I took it up in my 40's, and it has been a great way to get plenty of exercise.  On your off days, do plenty of walking.  You can even do either a couple of heavy workouts and then a light workout, or alternate between heavy and light workouts on your workout days.

 Now, here is some information about our sandbags that is an answer to some of your questions. All of our bags are made out of 1050d ballistic nylon. 1050D ballistic nylon is the toughtest, thickest textured nylon there is. With ballistic nylon, they reverse the numbering, to where the smaller number is the thickest. It is confusing. So 1050D ballistic nylon is about twice as thick and tough as 1000D nylon.

Here is some more advice in response to some questions: 

For any bags, ours, theirs, our handled bags, our medicine bags, here is the important point: KEEP IT LOOSE. Keeping it loose does two things: It does not overstress the seams of the bag by making the load too tight. Second, and just as important, it maximizes the instability of the sandbag. And that is what you do sandbag training for, the shifting sand. It gets to the stabilizer muscles so much better than any solid weight.

Our bags are designed to hold their capacity weights and still be loose enough for safety and flexibility. Here is my advice: Forget their weight. Just fill to where they are full enough, but loose enough to deliver plenty of instability. See the foto below. Notice the looseness.

August of 2021 will be the 10th anniversary of our first sale.  We look forward to another decade of serving your needs for an alternative design sandbag that delivers maximum instability while giving a better grip.

Thank you and all the best.   See our training page here.

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