So what CAN I eat?

In my last post I ranted about the dangers of eating the wrong nutrients, especially sugar.  In this post we will look at what the right foods are to eat at different meals of the day.

Let's start with breakfast.  On workout days, I  suggest having oatmeal.  Not just any oatmeal, but old fashioned oatmeal.  Put it in a large Pyrex bowl and microwave it.  Put lowfat milk in it instead of water.  Sweeten it with cinnamon and raisins.  You can also add some ground flaxseed meal.  This is for added fiber.  When it is done, add a little more lowfat milk, mix, and add some lowfat cottage cheese.  Then top it off with some slivered almonds.  Enjoy with some grapefruit juice.

On every other day off from workouts, I suggest eating eggs.   You can either make yourself a mini-omelet with pineapple or olives mixed in or just boil them.  Boiled eggs is also a great way to eat breakfast in a hurry.  You can boil them the night before and keep them in the refrigerator overnight and eat them for a fast getaway.  Always eat plenty of carbs for breakfast for fuel for the first half of your day.  Toasted wholegrain bread is a great way to go.  A little honey on the bread will not kill you.  But keep in mind that it is sugar too.

If you get hungry around 11 am, you can have a snack.  You can either take a boiled egg with you or some toast.  Try to stay away from most breakfast bars.  Most of them are stuck together with sugar.  But, I am sure there are some out there that are not pasted with sugar.  Just read the ingredients.  The closer sugar is to the first of the list, the greater the percentage of it in the ingredients. 

Speaking of 11 am, that is my usual workout time.  I like to have a small snack before workout.  The snack is only a little lowfat milk with some lowfat ricotta cheese mixed in.  I put a teaspoon in and mix it up with a fork.  During workout, I drink only water.  After workout, I have a full half glass of lowfat milk with the teaspoon of lowfat ricotta cheese mixed in with a fork, and this time I add a teaspoon of molasses.  Our muscle cells are hungry for carbs after a workout and absorb the molasses.  It has lots of vital nutrients in it, such as potassium.

That brings us to lunch time.  Try to eat plenty at breakfast and lunch.  The old saying "eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a commoner at dinner" is true.  Try to front-load your calories during the day.  So, plenty of calories at breakfast and lunch, fewer at dinner.  Also, breakfast and lunch are the time to include plenty of carbs in your meals.  

It is okay to have a burger for lunch.  Just skip the french fries, mayonnaise, and ketchup.  Also, skip the cheese if you can.  But cheese is better than fries, mayo, and ketchup if you must have it.  At least it has plenty of protein.  By all means do not have soda pop at lunch or any other time.  Learn to like just plain old water. Flavor water with a lemon squeezed into the glass.  You can have iced tea, but make sure it is unsweet.  Again, use the lemon to flavor it.  Again, stay away from soda pop.  And also stay away from sugar free soda pop.   All soda pop has carbonated water in it.   Carbonated water turns into carbonic acid in you bloodstream and that is delivered to your bone cells.  And that carbonic acid eats bone cells.  And you do not want that.

If you must have pizza for lunch, have a little.  There are healthier topping for pizza than others.  Canadian bacon is healthier than pepperoni, and in my opinion, tastier.  Again, if you must, do not eat too much.  Have a little and get it over with.  Bring apples or other fruit for dessert.  So when eating lunch, leave room for the fruit dessert.  And speaking of dessert, here is the time to cheat a little bit on the no sugar diet.   Buy some 60% cacao chocolate chips.  Do not buy the milk chocolate chips.  Buy the 60% cacao dark chocolate chips.  Eat about four or five of them after your apple fpr dessert.  Be sure to either brush your teeth or use mouthwash if you are on the go.

Every afternoon around 3 or 4 I get hungry.  LIsten to your body.  It tells you when to feed it.  If your lifestyle allows, have a mid afternoon snack.  My favorite is a piece of wholegrain toasted bread with some crunchy natural peanut butter spread on it.   Instead of using honey, I sweeten it with some raisins.  I also share some with my dog.  Again, drink water or maybe some low fat milk.

Do not go into dinner "starving".  Excess hunger forces us to make bad food choices.  The purpose of eating often and having snacks between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner is to prevent this problem.  So, for dinner you can make wise food choices.  I often have chicken or fish for dinner.  But, unlike my wife, I am not afraid of beef.  Again, have fruit for dessert.

There you have it.  Eat, drink, and be healthy! See our sandbag training page here.

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