Sleep yourself fit

dog sleeping on fitness sandbags

Jenni here has the right idea.  Go out and exercise then take a nap.  We all can all learn from dogs. Of course most of them do not have to earn a living.  But if we try, we can adjust our lives to get enough sleep.

We can not over emphasize the importance of sleep to your health and functional fitness.  Recent articles have pointed out the fact that our testosterone is made while we sleep.  It is not made while we perform our work out.  It is made while we sleep.  That is an important point to consider for anyone wanting to be healthy and fit.

When you can, and feel like it, take an afternoon nap.  You will wake up feeling and being much better.  If you want to do a workout in the afternoon, but your body says it needs a nap, listen to your body and take the nap.  You can exercise later.

Here is another point that I will make that might seem counter productive to fitness. If you have a choice between sleeping and extra hour in the early morning or doing a predawn workout, take the extra hour of sleep.  You can always work out after work.  But, I will make and exception to this idea.  Here goes.  If predawn is the only time you can work out, then go to bed earlier.  I am talking about going to bed at 9 pm instead of ten or later.  Try it. The only thing you will miss is stupid television.  So, if you get up at five am to work out, then go to bed at 9 pm the night before.  It is that simple.

On weekends or other times you can, and feel like it, there is nothing wrong with taking an afternoon nap.  I now my age is starting to influence my thinking here, but plenty of sleep will raise your testosterone levels.

The reason for this thinking is recovery.  Our muscles do not grow when we are working out.  In fact, we are making tiny tears in our muscle fibers when we work out.  It is these tiny tears in our muscle fibers that force our body to come back and send in a "repair crew" of enzymes to rebuild muscle fibers.  And those muscle fibers are rebuilt even larger and stronger after these tiny tears are made in a workout.  

So, it is sleep that promotes the repair crew to come in a do its job.  That is when they are best able to repair the muscles and we can make our optimum recovery.  And it is recovery that is best done while we sleep.

Here's to your health, fitness, and optimum muscle recovery.  Do not be afraid of taking a nap.  Do it when you can and you will hit your fitness goals.  See you soon. See our training page here.

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