Sandbags instead of barbells and dumbbells

If you are thinking about building a home gym, I have good news for you.  You do not need barbells and dumbbells.  Let's just assume you are going to make a gym in a spare bedroom.  Most spare bedrooms are 12 feet by 12 feet or if you are lucky, 14 feet by 14 feet.  An olympic bar is 7 feet long.  That leaves very little space for anything else in the room.  Dumbbells are a little better, but the rack to hold them takes up almost as much space as a 7 foot long barbell.  

Exercise sandbags, on the other hand, take up about 3 feet of floor space.  You can stack them up with the largest sandbags being on the bottom, and smaller ones on top.  But size is not your only concern.  The largest concern you should have is the functional fitness benefit from barbells, dumbbells, or sandbags. 

We sell sandbags.  While I used to use barbells and dumbbells, I almost never do any more.  The reason for this is that I simply think that sandbags are a superior form of both strength training and power training than barbells and dumbbells. Why do I think this?  The weight of a barbell or dumbbell is solid.  It does not shift when you lift it.  The weight of a fitness sandbag is by its nature shifting.  This shifting load creates additional stress on both your prime mover muscles and your stabilizer muscles.  Prime mover muscles are the large muscles you can see in the mirror.  They do most of the heavy work.   But the stabilizer muscles are just as important.  They help stabilize your joints and also the movements created by the prime mover muscles.  It is the stabilizer muscles that are responsible for much of the benefit of functional fitness training and therefore athletic ability.

A quality set of bumper plates with a good olympic bar will set you back between five hundred and a thousand dollars, depending upon the level of quality you buy.  All four of our ballistic nylon sandbags go for a little over $300.  The same comparison can be made for a set of dumbbells.  

Now let's say you are mobile.  Many of you are.  You are either in the military, college, or young and starting out in your professional life.  That means you wiill move.  It also means you will live in apartments.  And it means you will sometimes live upstairs.  All of these factors make sandbags a better choice over barbells and dumbbells.

By far the best reason for using fitness sandbags rather than barbells or dumbbells for strength and power training is that a given weight of sand is about twice as hard to lift as a given weight of iron.  The shifty nature of the load ensures this effect.  Another good options for moving is that sand is cheap.  You can empty it out before moving and fill them back up when you get to your new home or deployment.

If you choose workout sandbags made from the thickest, toughest fabric available, which is our 1050D ballistic nylon, you can be sure that they will not tear and spill their load.  They wiill last you a lifetime.  Our extra-thick thread also ensures the durability of our sandbags.  We are confident that our product is one of the best strength and power training tools you can have.  They are affordable, compact, portable, durable, but best of all, more effective than iron weights.  You will be happy with our fitness sandbags.

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