Sandbags are NOT soft barbells

You sometimes tell me the moves you do with Workout Sandbags.  I see the moves that other sites and videos show for sandbag training.  And most of them are very good, and use the sandbag to its full potential.  But sometimes there is a tendency to use the sandbag as a substitute barbell or dumbbell.

workout sandbags held overhead


And of course, training sandbags can be used to do barbell and dumbbell exercises.  But when we do that, we are missing the whole point of sandbag training.  The point of it is to do assymmetical, offbalance, and 360-degree moves that you can't do with barbells or dumbbells.  And the further point is to engage the internal stabilizer muscles in ways that barbells and dumbbells can't do.  

Our sandbags, or anyone's, or I suppose homemade ones, can do just about any barbell or dumbbell exercise.  But almost every time I use my set of sandbags, I think up a new move to do with them that is unique to a sandbag, and puts extra load on the entire body and its core and stabilizer muscles.

Recently I have taken to doing farmer's walks with my extra large sandbag.  Previously, I had not done anything with it except a modified deadlift I call a twisting deadlift.  Twisting means that I pick up the bag on one side of my body off the floor and put it down on the other side of my body.

The new extra large sandbag move, the farmer's walk, is of course an old one.  But I had been doing it with a smaller bag, maybe a large.  I discovered that I could lift it by its side handles and bear hug it and walk around the room with it.  It really is a total body workout.

Another new move I have discovered is what I call a tossup.  I bend over a small or medium sandbag and lift it with an underhand motion, and continue the motion while straightening my legs, and toss it up over my head and out in front of me as far as I can.

A third move that comes to mind is hold the sandbag overhead as in the end of a clean & jerk.  Just walk around with it holding it overhead at arm's length.  This will take a smaller sandbag than you can do the clean & jerk with, probably a small or medium. See the photo above.

I am sure you know of many more sandbag training moves.  I invite you to email them to me.  Every day I discover better ways to use sandbags for working out.  My advice is to use sandbags for moves that involve multiple planes of action, and make assymmetrical moves that stress first one then another part of your body.  This is the best way to train for real-world action.

Happy summer to you! Our Workout Sandbags are here.

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