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Today I just want to remind you of a great resource right here on  We have a complete page of exercise advice from general fitness strategy to specific sandbag exercises and workouts.  It's all on this page.

We cover sandbag exercises, sandbag workouts, bodyweight exercises and workouts, running strategy, and general functional fitness strategy.  This is our gift to you.  It is a page full of functional fitness advice gained from a lifetime of outdoor sports. We also give nutritional advice.

We show you how to use small exercise sandbags to do pushups, situps, x-lifts, and many exercises that are too difficult for larger sandbags.  Also, gals can use our small workout sandbags to do exercises that guys do with a medium or larger sandbag.

Then we show you the medium sandbag exercises that are the core of sandbag training.  Guys can do these exercises in higher rep numbers than gals.  And, gals can use these bags and exercises for low-rep strength training, while guys do higher rep power training.

We move on to show the exercises that can be done with large fitness sandbags.  These are mostly for guys to do low-rep strength training.  But, if you are really big, you can do higher-rep power training also.

Last, we show the few exercises that (at least) I can do with our extra large gym sandbags.  My favorite is the twisting deadlift.  I am sure you can make up other exercises to do with the extra large sandbags.  If you do, let me know.

After showing you the exercises you can do with our sandbags, we move on to put it together and describe a wide variety of workouts you can do with sandbags.  I am sure you have some to add to this list.

Last but not least, and maybe should be at the top of the page, we state our overall fitness strategy.  To me, it is for the long run.  We do not advocate crash-course training for any upcoming event or photo-op.  We advocate training for LIFE.  And life is a long run.  It takes an approach that does not burn one out in a short time.  It also uses the simple philosophy KEEP IT FUN.


We invite you to take what you need, and contact us with your feedback.

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