Sandbag training for ladies

Okay gals, here you are.  This one is for you.  I will do my best to tell you how you can benefit your functional fitness training with sandbag training.

Whether you make your own or buy ours or somebody else's workout sandbags does not matter.  What matters is you match your strength and power abilities with the right size and weight sandbags.  Notice I said "size and weight".  For instance, our exercise sandbags come in a small size that can hold up to 40 pounds of sand.  Or, and this is my point, it can also hold 20 or so pounds of rubber mulch pellets.  And, it can also be partially filled with only 25 to 30 pounds of sand.  Our medium fitness sandbags can hold up to 80 pounds of sand.  Or, they can be partially filled with 55-70 pounds of sand.   Partially filling a sandbag is a great idea because it increases the amount of shifting that the sand does, which increases the benefit to your stabilizer muscles.  And, the medium sandbags can be filled with 30-40 pounds of rubber mulch pellets.  And our large sandbags can be filled with anywhere from 80-120 pounds of sand, or 40-60 pounds of rubber mulch pellets.

So, you get the idea of how many options you have for the weight of your sandbags.  Of course different exercises call for different sizes and/or weights of sandbags.  Here is another idea for you:  Use leather work gloves to protect your hands.  

There are some exercises that I can only do with a small sandbag.  And I weigh right at 200 pounds.  I use small a small sandbag to put on my back and do pushups with.  I highly recommend this exercise.  I consider it superior to bench presses for chest and arm training.  You might want to do this with the rubber mulch pellets or a very loose amount of sand in the sandbag. Another favorite sandbag exercise of mine is the x-lift.  I use a small sandbag for it.  It involves lifting the sandbag from beside one foot and crossing across the body in a half-x motion.  The motion ends by lifting the sandbag up and over the shoulder on the opposite side of your body from the foot you lifted it up from in the first place.  All these exercises can be seen on the sandbag workouts page.

The point of describing the x-lift and the pushup is that they are strenuous for a big guy like me with a small sandbag filled with sand.  So, you might want to either partially fill the sandbag with sand, or fill it with rubber mulch pellets.  

The medium sandbag is useful to me for doing most of the exercises I do with sandabags.  One of my favorites is the smackdown.  I simply lift it from the floor on one side of my body and smack it down on the other side.  Ladies, for this exercise, you might want to use a small sandbag.  Also, I really like doing lateral throws.  I lift the sandbag from one side of my body and throw it across my waist to the floor beside the other side of me.  Again, this would probably be best done with a small sandbag by an average sized lady.

I think you get the idea by now.  If you have any questions, please contact me for more details.  Keep it safe, keep it fun, and keep fit for life.  Here are some more sandbag training tips.

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