Sandbag training elevated

So you either have a sandbag or are thinking about gettng one.  That's good.  When you either get it or make it, what are you doing to do with it?  My advice is to use it like a sandbag, not a soft barbell or dumbbell.

We look at many of our competitors' videos showing their bags in action.  They often show the bags being used to imitate barbell moves.  We think this is a mistake.  But before we go on, please allow us to state that they are good people, making good products.


So here is our point:  Why use a sandbag to do barbell or dumbbell moves?  Why not use a sandbag to do twisting, functional 3-dimensional moves?  These moves are much more useful in training the body and all its joints and muscles to do real-world actions, including all sports. 

Let us illustrate what we mean.  Instead of doing snatches with a medium sized sandbag, weighing about 100 pounds, do what we call smackdowns.  This is snatching the sandbag from the floor on one side of you to overhead, then smacking it down onto the floor on the other side of you.  Another example is doing pushups with a small sandbag weighing about 50 pounds on your back.  This is done instead of dangerous bench presses with a barbell.  To make it even more challenging, use a pair of 7" tall stools to put your feet on, and put each hand on a basketball.

Another example is doing twisting deadlifts with a large sandbag weighing about 150 pounds.  Instead of just lifting the sandbag (or a barbell) straight up from the floor to your waist, lift the sandbag up from the floor on one side of you and put it down on the floor on the other side of you after lifting it up to waist high.  A final example is what we call a waist roll.  Instead of doing good mornings with a barbell, use a small sandbag and put it across your upper back behind your neck, and across both shoulders.  Twist around at the waist first in one direction then the other.  All of these moves are great multidirectional moves that are much better than the straight moves done with barbells and dumbbells.  To see these moves in both drawings and a video, visit our training page.

Barbells and dumbbells are great ways to do both strength and power training.  But in our biased opinion, sandbags are an even better way to do it.  They allow for moves that can be done in three dimensions that are very close to real-world applications found in both sport and work.

There is one more piece of advice we would like to give.  Years ago an olympic athlete was asked about her training, and after describing it, she said, "And keep it fun".  We could not agree more.  Be sure to keep every workout FUN.  If you don't, you will not be working out for long.

Workout sandbags are specially designed to do multidirectional sandbag-specific moves.  Their internal handles and giant beanbag shape lends them to a much better sandbag training workout than the duffel bag shape used by our competitors.  Many of our customers have used the duffel bag style from the top names in the business.  Then they buy ours and tell us that they are better than their previous bags.  They say that ours our better suited to multi-directional sandbag training.

We think you will agree.  Shop Workout Sandbags here.

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