Sandbag strength training

Workout sandbags are a great exercise tool for power training.  By power training I mean doing medium weight exercises quickly in rep sets of about 10.  But you can also use exercise sandbags for strength training, too.  Strength training is done with high weight and low reps.

For instance, one of my favorite power training exercises with medium fitness sandbags is the smackdown.  I lift the ba up from beside one foot and over my head and smack it down beside the other foot.  I do it about 10 times in a set.  Sometimes I do only that exercise, and sometimes i mix it in with other exercises.  But it is a power training exercise because I can do it several times in a set.

A strength training exercise is on that can be done only 1 to 3 times without rest.  And any exercise can be done this way.  It is a matter of choosing your size of sandbag to perform the exercise with.  And any size sandbag can be used to do strength training.

An example of the any size can do strength training statement is that I do pushups 2 ways.  Both ways are done with my feet up on 7" tall stools and each hand on a basketball.  This creates instability in the hands and increases the stabilizer muscle benefit for maximum functional fitness training.  I do power training pushups without a sandbag.   I do strength training pushups with a SMALL sandbag on my back.  The added weight of the sandbag makes it possible for me to do only about 5 at a time without stopping for rest.  Maybe you can do 3 reps of pushups with a medium sandbag.

Even though I constantly vary my workouts, there are a few that I return to and repeat.  They can be done either in about 10 sets of 3 reps or as a ladder.  A ladder is a workout with sets of increasing numbers of reps starting at one rep.   So you do one, then two, then three, then four reps, and keep it up until you can not do any more.  My standard ladder workout is one thru seven reps.  Sometimes I do more.  

A favorite workout of mine is to do 3 reps of twisting deadlifts with an extra large sandbag.  The other favorite sandbag workout of mine is to do a ladder of first one, then two, and so on up to usually seven reps of clean and jerks with a large exercise sandbag.

Other possible strength training sandbag workouts are doing squats with a larger bag than usual, chest presses ( bench presses with a sandbag ), thrusters, and more.  

Strength training does not have to be done only with a barbell.  Ti can be done with exercise sandbags also.  For those of you who do not have room for a seven foot long barbell in their house, here is your solution to functional fitness training for both strength and power.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please contact me.  We have sandbags for all types of training, from power training to strength training for both guys and gals of all sizes.  See more training tips here.

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