Sandbag exercises and workouts

We have a page on this site that consists of material from past blog posts that has been promoted to page status.  The material consists of sandbag exercises and workouts. Regardless of whether you buy ready-made workout sandbags from us or another supplier, or make your own, you will appreciate the exercises and workouts we have on this and that page.  The page on our website is

We have a listing of first exercises that can be done with sandbags.  I drew them myself to help illustrate them.  We willl have a video of them soon.  Then we go further and describe some of my favorite workouts using sandbag exercises linked together.  Sometimes the workouts use sandbag exercises and other type of workouts, such as running or bodyweight.  Sometimes they consist of one exercise, sometimes 2, sometimes more.

First, I will talk about some of my favorite sandbag exercises.  You should make them your favorites, too.  The smackdown with a medium bag is one of my favorites.  So is the lateral throw.  But I have read elsewhere lately that the turkish getup is one of the best total body exercises you can do.  I agree.  But instead of holding the sandbag overhead, I shoulder it.  Then I alternate this exercise with pushups to hit the shoulders and chest.  The sandbag is put down the spine to add resistance to the pushups.

The exercises on the top of the page are arranged in order of the size of sandbag I use to do them.  This of course can vary depending upon your size, age, and gender. Try to scroll on down past all the sandbag exercises to get to the next section on sandbag workouts.

There is both a general and a specific listing of sandbag workouts there.  I have been doing these for 8 years now with plenty of success.  I urge you to explore the possibilities that they offer.

At the bottom of the page is probably the most important part of the page.  It is called Fitness Strategy.  If you are going to go about anything in this life, you need a plan.  And this plan is my gift to you.  You can use it to achieve lifetime health and fitness.  I have no doubt that there are parts of it you may or may not agree with.  But the goal of the plan is simple:  to put you in the fitness mode for the rest of your life.  I do not believe in 90 day / 6 week / 12 week transformations.  In short, I do not believe in any get-fit-quick schemes.  And I hope you will see that they are not in your best interest.  

So, please be sure to scroll on down to the bottom of the sandbag workouts page.  I invite you to offer any comments or suggestions as to what you read on the page.  Here is to your health and fitness.  See our sandbag training page here.

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