Sand sources for fitness sandbags

It may seem a bit silly, but I am often asked where to get the sand to fill our fitness sandbags with.  My stock answer is Lowes/Depot.  I get the premium play sand.  It is CLEAN and DRY.  I do not live in the desert, even though I did in the late 90's.  I want to go into detail here and explain why it is important for the sand in your inner bags to be clean and dry.

First, I will explain why it is important for the sand to be dry.  Dry sand is loose and each grain moves independently of the others.  And that is very important to the effectiveness of sandbag training.  Wet sand clumps together and is reluctant to move and shift as you move the sandbag.  And that is not what we want.

When I had my home built in 2009, there was a large mound of sand left by a dump truck to use to mix mortar with.  It was summer, and mostly dry, with occasional rain.  When the job was done, there was plenty of leftover sand.  I took a wheelbarrow and loaded it up with leftover sand.  I kept it out in the hot summer sun most of the time.  But when a summer thunderstorm came, I parked the wheelbarrow under the carport to stay dry.  The point is that it took all summer long and into the early fall to dry out that sand.  I would take a shovel and turn it to expose damp sand underneath and put it on top to dry.

When the sand was finally dry, I used some window screen to filter it thru.  It was quite a job.  Then, after months of drying, and hours of filtering, I had enough sand to fill about 5 sandbags.  That is my point.  It is plenty of trouble to dry out sand and filter the dirt and debris out of it.   Just go buy it already clean and dry.

I know there are many of my customers that live close to a beach.  I grew up on the Texas gulf coast and was a frequent beach visitor.  Whether you live close to a beach, or in the desert Southwest, or near a sandy riverbank, you may have easy access to free sand.

If that is the case for you, I will try to tell you how to go get sand and use it to fill your fitness sandbags.  First, go during a good dry spell.  Try to remember how long it has been since it rained on your sand source.  If it has been over a week or two, you might be able to get dry sand.  Next, take a flat shovel and something to put the sand into.  The sand container depends upon your vehicle.  If you have a truck, you can shovel it into a clean garbage can.  Otherwise, you must improvise.  

The important point is this.  The dry sand is on the surface of any sand deposit.  The deeper you dig, the damper the sand gets.  So use the flat shovel and scoop over the top of the sand deposit and take only a few inches deep of sand.  This will give you the dryest sand.  Do not dig deep into the sand.  

You can filter the sand as you shovel it into your container with a window screen.  It also can be gotten at a hardware store.  Use some large clamps to hold the screen over the top of the container and shovel the sand right onto the screen, and filter it through.  This will take longer, but is worth the effort.  You would just have to filter it later.

Here is why you need clean sand.  The inner bags of your sandbags can be punctured if there is sharp debris in the sand.   By keeping the sand in the inner bags clean and free of debris, you can be assured of using your sandbags for years with no leaks in them.

Here's to your health and fitness. Shop our training sandbags here.

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