Pre-during- and post-workout foods

This post is for those who are tired of buying expensive nutritional supplements. If you are happy spending the money, keep doing it.  I have used supplements before and have no doubt that they help.  But there comes a time when the last jar runs out and you just don't want to go buy more.  If that is your situation, read on.

workout supplements

There are nutritional supplements you can get at your local grocery store while you shop for your other food.  There are great pre-workout and post-workout supplements.

The good news is that during your workout, all you need is water, and plenty of it. Research tells us that before our workout, we need to put some protein into our system and after our workout, we need to have a mixture of protein and simple carbohydrates.  A couple of hours before our workout, we need to eat a meal of proteins and complex carbohydrates.  And, it is a good idea to time your workouts to go before a meal.

On workout days, eat a breakfast of oatmeal with nuts and cottage cheese.  Then have a multi vitamin and a DHEA pill.  That is all the pill supplements I recommend.  Then plan on working out before lunch.  Or, you can do it just before dinner. But be sure to get some complex carbs and protein an hour before your workout.  

Just before your workout, have a tablespoon of lowfat ricotta cheese and water.  This will reinforce your protein supply.  During your workout, drink plenty of water.  And nothing else.  And plenty of water.

After your workout, research has shown that your muscles are hungry and a quick fix of simple carbohydrates is a good idea.  This is the time that a little sugar, honey, or molasses will go to your muscle cells, and not be stored as fat.  Also, it helps the muscle cells' recovery.  

Make a mix of lowfat milk and lowfat ricotta cheese.  Use a fork to mix up the ricotta cheese into the milk.  You can either give your muscles the simple carb fix by mixing in a teaspoon of molasses or not.  If you choose not to do the molasses, here is what I consider to be a better choice.  

Immediately after your workout, eat 3-4 60% cacao semi sweet dark chocolate chips.  The cacao is a great natural source of recovery nutrients.  A key recovery nutrient is potassium.  Molasses is a great source of it, and so are raisins.  So if you go the chocolate chip route, eat about a dozen raisins with your milk and ricotta cheese mix.

There you have it.  Pre-workout nutrition, during workout, and post-workout nutrition.  Try to follow this advice as best as you can:  JERF.   Just Eat Real Food.  Here's to your health, strength, and power. More great training advice is here.

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