New workouts for 2015

Here we are a month after the winter solstice.  Only 2 more months of winter to go before the spring equinox.  Where I live in central Arkansas, it has been in the 60's for daytime highs this week.  And I see that the January freeze extends all the way to the Canadian border.  So get outside and exercise!

It takes lots of sitting on a stool typing or searching on a computer to run this or any other online business.  And the latest news is that all that sitting is bad for you.  So, by all means, get up every hour and walk some.  I will practice what I preach.  I just did some walking up and down my hilly driveway, and will do it again soon.  If you work at a desk, consider getting a stand-up desk.  I certainly am considering getting one.  It would save room in the room that triples for an office, a gym, and a warehouse.

So, whatever you do, walk more.  That will help both your fitness level, your weight level, and your general health.  Now I would like to tell you about some workouts I have done lately that you can use for your functional fitness.  

Again, it has been warm here lately.  So all this week I have done outdoor workouts.  I hope you can get outdoors for your exercise also.  It makes a big difference.  Here are some you can do.  Walk down and up a hill or stairs or over some stools with a small or medium workout sandbag on first one shoulder then the other.  Then climb a rope hanging from your porch rafters or some other place you can hang it from.  Do this for at least 5 rounds.  Either do a set number of rounds for time or see how many rounds you can do.

Run up and down the hill once or twice, then do 20 pushups with your hands on basketballs and your feet on 7 inch tall stools.  Other alternatives to this is do the run, and do situps, pullups, lunges, and so on.

One of my favorite alltime workouts is done while wearing a 40 pound weighted vest.  You can also do it while wearing a pair of large chain loops over each shoulder and around under your arm by your waist.  I call it a "chain vest".  The chain loops make an X across your front and back.  While wearing either vest, do at least 5 burpees and pullups per round.  See how many rounds you can do in 20 minutes.

I turned chopping wood into a workout earlier this month.  And what a workout it was! As for the exercise sandbags, use them for a workout that I call the 5 x 20 workout.  It consists of 5 exercises done 20 reps each.  The last one I did was smackdowns with a medium size, lateral throw with a medium, one arm chest press with a small, overhead squat with a small, and bent over row with a medium.  It is quite a workout.

For illustrations and descriptions of any of these exercises, visit our sandbag workouts page.  Here's to your health and fitness in 2015!

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