New workout ideas

Happy New Year 2016 to you!  A new year always brings new ideas, and I am no exception.  Over the past few years, I have fallen into the rut of doing circuit training with both sandbags and other forms of exercise and just plain other forms of exercise.  Here is a new idea to get out of the circuit training rut and do a straight-through workout.

These workouts can be done with any type of equipment, or no equipment.  But for now, I will discuss some straight-thru workouts that use sandbags.

The first is what I call the sampler.  It samples some of my favorite exercises in low rep numbers, about 4 or 6 per exercise.  You do about 6 or 7 exercises, first by doing about 4 or 5 small sandbag exercises, then 2 or 3 medium sandbag exercises, then about 1 or 2 large sandbag exercises, then 1 extra large sandbag exercise.

The other type of straight-thru workout uses only one size sandbag.  It can be done over a period of a couple of weeks by starting with the small sandbag, then doing it with the medium, then the large, and so on.  Mix in some bodyweight-only workouts between them, and some running-only workouts between them also.

Let's get more specific with these workouts.  A week ago I did this one:  I call it the sandbag sampler, because it used all 4 sizes sandbags.  The most difficult moves are done with the small size bag, then next most difficult are done with the medium size bag, and next is the large, then last is the extra large bag.

This workout started out with the hardest moves done with the small sandbag.  Do 4, 6, or 8 reps of the x-lift, turkish getup, pushup, pullup, and situp.  Then do these moves with the  medium bag:  Smackdown, walk around house with bag shouldered on first one then the other shoulder, lateral throw, underhand toss, and pushout.  Then do clean and jerks with the large, and twisting deadlifts with the extra large.

To see examples of how to do these moves, see our sandbag training page.

Another way to do the straight-thru workout is to start with the small size, do a workout with only it, then do a few workouts between, then do a workout with only the medium sandbags, then do a few other workouts between, then do a workout with the large only bag, and then the extra large bag.

Here is a workout using the small bag only.  Do 8, 10, or 12 reps each.  The moves are the x-lift, turkish getup, pushup, situp, pullup, swings, and  a shot-put move with one arm at a time.  Then do a few workouts bewteen, and do medium, then large, then extra large.

Here is even another new idea.   Instead of doing a workout, just plain work hard for half an hour to an hour.  I am sure there is something strenuous around your home to do.  For me, it is split cut wood.  I use an 8 pound maul.  Swinging it for half an hour is plenty workout for me.  And, it makes firewood.

Okay, there you have it.  If you get any ideas, let me know. See more functional fitness advice here.

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