More good things to eat

There are so many bad things to eat it is hard to list those that are actually good to eat.  We are surrounded by food that is full of salt, sugar, and fat.  Any fast food joint is full of these foods.  There are almost no healthy places to eat across America.  You have to be in a big city with its unhealthy air to find some healthy food!

Still, there are healthy foods we can eat.  We have total control over what we eat at home.  We will start at breakfast.  Even though there is nothing wrong with occasional eggs, let's start with oatmeal.  Get the old fashioned type.  Use a large pyrex bowl and microwave it.  Add lowfat milk instead of water.  Use cinnamon instead of sugar or honey.  Add ground flax and chia seed to it.  When done, add a couple of tablespoons of lowfat cottage cheese.  Cottage cheese is very full of protein.  Read the label and it will tell you that it has more protein per serving than other popular protein preparations such as vogurt.  Another great milk product with plenty of protein is ricotta cheese.  Get the lowfat version.  You can either use it in your oatmeal after it is done like the cottage cheese or before and after your workout.  Add some slivered almonds to your oatmeal.  Enjoy with some grapefruit juice.

As mentioned above, if you are doing a workout before lunch or dinner, if you need, have a small pre-workout snack of a small amount of lowfat milk with some ricotta cheese mixed in.  I use a heaping teaspoon of ricotta cheese and mix it up with a fork.  After workout I have a full glass of milk with the heaping teaspoon of ricotta cheese and this time i add a teaspoon of molasses.  This is because after a workout our muscles are hungry for some carbs.  So feed them.  It will help their recovery. 

When lunchtime comes around, you have plenty of options.  Probably the best source of protein there is is salmon.  Salmon is not anywhere near a top predator in the sea, so it does not concentrate mercury like tuna or shark does.  You can get salmon in foil packets and use it like tuna to make a salad and put in a sandwich.  You can also buy salmon frozen in skinless fillets and fry them in a pan with olive oil and garlic.  I flavor them after cooking with balsamic vinegar.  And occationally, have a hamburger.  Whether you are eating out or at home, have an occasional hamburger.  Here is how you can make them at home.  First, pay more and get ground sirloin.   It is the lowest fat hamburger there is.  Chop up some green onions.  Break one egg, add to the meat, and mix in the chopped onions.  A few peppercorns gives great flavor along with some garlic.  Fry slowly in olive oil.  You can also fry onions and potatoes in the pan with it.  Enjoy!  For dessert, have fruit or 3 to 4 dark chocolate chips.

You should not ignore that mid to late afternoon craving for a snack.  I recommend peanut butter.  If at home, you can toast some bread and put it on it, with some raisins to sweeten it.  The finishing touch is some unsalted sunflower seeds sprinkled on top.

For dinner, salmon, chicken, or beef is fine.  Try to get most of your carbs at breakfast and lunch and go easy on them at dinner.  For dessert at any meal, eat fruit instead of candy. 

Eating out at any meal, try to plan what you are going to have.  It will not be perfect, but try to minimize the damage.  Stay away from french fries.  One day a week, toss everything and enjoy some of the foods you avoid the rest of the week.  Have a small bowl of ice cream after lunch.   So, have one cheat day per week.

There you have it.  Eat your way to health!  Here are more training and nutrition tips.

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