More favorite workouts

There are some workouts that it seems as though I keep returning to.  I am not saying you should do them every week or even every month.  But a good way for you to judge your fitness level is to revisit favorite workouts now and then.  A good time scale is to revisit a workout every other month.

This can be done with CrossFit or any other style of functional fitness workout.  And CrossFit does return to its workouts now and then.  For five years, I followed CrossFit's workout of the day fairly well.  Then i started making up my own workouts.  Of course I use our workout sandbags in the workouts often.  

You can adjust these workouts and their exercises to fit into your workout plan and fitness level.  So here we go.

Today I redid a favorite workout.  I call it the porch workout.  I have some stairs going up to the front porch.  It has large wooden beams holding up the roof.  Two of the beams go horizontally.  This makes it easy to hold a one and a half inch thick climbing rope from.  The stairs are good for walking up and down with an eighty pound medium sized workout sandbag on my shoulder.  Put the sandbag on one shoulder for half the ups and downs of the stairs, and put it on the other shoulder for the second half of ups and downs the stairs.  Then do one rope climb.  Repeat and see how many rounds you can do.

Another favorite workout is running down and up a hilly driveway.  At the top of the driveway is my carport.  And there is where a station can be made for pushups, pullups, situps, or many sandbag exercises.  So choose how many times you want to run up and down the hill.  Then at the top or bottom of the hill, whichever is most convenient to you, make a station for pullups, pushups, situps, or any other number of exercises, both bodyweight and sandbag.  Sometimes do the exercises  with low weight and high reps, and other times do the exercises with high weight and low reps.  

As for as that hill is concerned, there are many ways to just run it.  You can walk down and sprint up it.  You can see how many times you can do that in 20 minutes or so.  You can just see how many times you can run up and down it in a given amount of time.  

Now we move to another piece of exercise equipment.  An old tire is free. It makes a great piece of outdoor exercise equipment.  Often I use mine for beating on with a sledge hammer.  Or, it can be just thrown and smacked down.  It can be carried downhill held overhead.  This is a great shoulder, and really total body, workout.  Then you can lateral throw it uphill.  Quite a workout.  At the top of the hill, you can beat it with a sledgehammer.

We could go on and on here.  But I think you get the idea.  Most of these workouts are described as outdoors.  Winter is coming.  But where I live we get plenty of good days mixed in with the bad weather.  I hope that is the case where you live.

Keep it fun. Keep it safe.  See more sandbag training tips here.

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