Low rep training with Workout Sandbags

Most of you buy our medium and small fitness sandbags and use them for power training. Power training is using medium to light weight for high rep, fast exercises. And that is very good. But sandbags can be used also for strength training also. By using fitness sandbags for low-rep, slow movements, we can develop greater strength. This involves using the large and extra large sandbags. For instance, you can use the large sandbags for clean and jerks. I do ladders with clean and jerks. The first set is 1 rep, the second 2 reps, and usually up to 7. The extra large sandbags can be used for what i call twisting deadlifts. The same or different ladder can be used for it. Another way to do low-rep strength training is to do 3 reps per set, walk around between sets, and continue. Even the small sandbag can be used for low-rep strength training. I use it for pushups. I kneel on a pad, have a pair of basketballs before me and a pair of equal height stools behind me, and put the small sandbag between my shoulders. Then i put my hands on the basketballs and my feet on the stools and do pushups. I am sure there are many more ways you can do strength training with our fitness sandbags. We have combos that give discounts on multiple sizes of our products. See them at our sandbags page. We currently are overstocked on extra large size sandbags, so if you need many of them, contact us for a volume discount.

Low rep training with sandbags can replace barbells and dumbbells for strength training.  For instance, if you are a firefighter, you can carry an extra large sadnbag as if it were a person.  There are many other ways to do strength training with sandbags. See our sandbag training page here.

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