Live longer with exercise

Here we go again talking about living longer.  If you are half my age, you probably do not put living longer at the top of your priorities list.  Making a living and other concerns are important to you.  But time keeps on moving, and it seems to move along faster with every day.

Recent advice from other sources say to keep exercise short and intense for short periods of time.  I have modified that to say work out every other day.  This is because I think we are more willing to do a vigorous workout if we alternate a workout day with a recovery day.  And I also think it is just my age telling me to do this.

There is something in the advice that I agree with.  It is that you should work up a sweat in your workout.  That is a good indication of whether or not you are doing any good.  So, let's leave that recommendation in.  It recommends 5 to 10 minutes every day.  I modify that to 20 to 30 minutes every other day.  I just think we are more willing to do a good workout every other day.

I do want to qualify that statement.  By all means do something that can be called exercise every day.  Walk plenty every day, either by yourself, your spouse, or your dog.  When I walk my dog every day, we end up doing some running too.  But it is for short bursts.

You can walk as far as you can when you park your car to shop.  Park as far away from the door as you can.  It is not worth it to try to jam into the spaces close to the door.  Your car will get dinged, and you will get in arguments over the space when somebody cuts into it.  Not worth it.

But when it comes to your workout, aim for about 20 minutes every other day.  And by all means, aim to work up a sweat when you do it.

So what do we do when we do our workout?  By all means, do something different every other day.  Learn how to make up workouts.  For 5 years I took workouts off of the CrossFit website.  Now I make my own up.  I still do some of their exercises, and have made up some of my own.  Since I sell workout sandbags, I use mine instead of barbells and dumbbells.  I find they give a better strength and power workout than iron weights.  I also find them to be a better use of time.

I personally find it boring to do a workout with only one exercise, such as running or rowing.  I usually do a workout with an alternation between two or even three exercises.  Today I set a timer for 20 minutes and did an alternation of rowing and running on a rebounder and boxing with 3 pound weights.  It was good enough to do again in a month or so.

But there are times when one exercises makes a whole workout.  Once such recurring workout is to use a medium sandbag and do what I call "smackdowns".  I do 5 at a time and do 10 rounds for a total of 50 reps.  It is quite a good workout that combines strength and power in its benefits.  And yes, I work up a sweat.\

You can see descriptions and illustrations of these exercises and workout  plans and fitness strategy on our sandbag workouts page.   Here's to your health and live long and prosper!

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