Keep it up, John and Charlotte

A recent story on an online news source has me feeling pretty good.  I am old to most of you, having been born in 1951.  That makes me 68 years old.  I have been doing functional fitness since the 1990's.

But this post is not about me.  It is about you and John and Charlotte Henderson.  You see, they have just been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's oldest living couple.   He is 106 and she is 105.  They celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary on December 15, 2019.  They met in a class at the University of Texas in 1934.  John was on the football team, and she was studying to be a teacher.

workout sandbags at 100 years old

I grew up in Austin while my dad was a student at UT.  So, this story is personal to me.  The article says that both are very healthy, and John exercises every day.  To me, it does not matter how he exercises.  It just underscores the importance of this point:   KEEP IT UP.

No matter how old you are or live to be, keep exercising any way you see fit.  Do not listen to the so-called gurus.  Do what feels good and right to you.  

As for me, at age 68, I hope to be able to keep it up "When I'm 74", to paraphrase an old Beatles song.  I prefer to do a workout every other day.  But every day, I take my dog for a good long walk.  On off days, I make sure to do lots of walking.

Every workout I do, I start out by telling myself to do whatever I feel like doing.  That avoids making a Mount Everest to look up to in dread.  Also, every workout day, I tell myself I will do whatever I feel like.  This almost always results in me doing more than I thought I would do.

The point for you is to stop making impossible goals and trying to do what "Simon Says" or whatever you think you MUST do.  Just do whatever feels right.  It is far better to be still doing workouts in five, ten, or twenty years from now than it is to burn yourself out over-doing it for some short-term goals.  KEEP IT UP!

It is much more important to be still working out years from now than how hard your workout is today!  So, again, do not burn yourself out! See more sandbag training tips here.

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