How to live longer

You probably want to live as long as you can.  With that assumption, here goes my collection of ideas on how to do it.  Most are common sense.  I will also assume that I am older than you.  That is probably true.  So here goes.

Be happy.  No matter what your situation is, there is something about it to be happy about.  Find someone to joke with.  Make someone smile and laugh with you.  There is humor in eveything we humans do.  So find it.  Laugh and be healthy and happy.

Love and be loved.  Find a way to exchange love with other humans.  Of course find your special person.  But there is more to love than sex.  But have a healthy sex life, however you choose to do so.  Teachers exchange love with their students.  I was one two decades ago.  And I am proud to say I was a teacher.  If you sell something for a living, as many of us do, try to express some love for your customer.  That should come across as respect for their wants and needs.  They will feel it and buy your product or service.  Have their wants and needs in mind when you present your goods and services.  As for your personal life, love and be loved.

As for work, find a way to exercise at work.  This assumes you are too busy to exercise in your leisure time.  So, here is what you do.  Find some stairs to climb.  If there are no stairs, put some stools in your office and step over them when you can.  Do not just sit at a desk all day long.  Stand up and do something.  As for your desk, you can do pushups leaning against it.  You can also do one arm pushups against a wall.  The angle of your body determines the amount of resistance.  Park a long way from the door.  Walk more to and from the office building.  Walk at lunch time.  Walk at either work or home with one of our small exercise sandbags on your shoulder.

Do not work yourself to death.  Take time off for the rest of your life.  Take vacations and have fun.  Try to get at least one day per week of rest and recreation.  

Get plenty of sleep.  When you can on days off, take a nap when you feel like it.  You will wake up refreshed.  

If you do not already have one, get a dog.  If you can not keep up with one, get a cat.  I urge you to get into a life position where you can have a dog.  I can not tell you how lucky I am to have the loving dog I have.  We outlive our dogs.  When one is gone, take a month or two to get over him or her and take a vacation to somewhere you could not have taken the dog.  Then come home and get another dog and start all over again.

Eat fruit for dessert instead of sugary sweets.  This one thing can extend your life and health plenty.  Try your best to avoid sweets.  But one day a week, indulge a little.   Nobody is perfect.  Do not try to be perfect in either your exercise regimen or your diet.  

Take adventure vacations.  Learn how to backpack and see the Rocky Mountains from upclose and personal.  Get hailed on.  Dodge lightning bolts.  Or, learn how to surf.  Visit Hawaii or Mexico and hang ten.  Learn how to scuba dive.  Then visit the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Belize, or even Florida Keys and dive deeper.  Have some adventure on vacation.  This serves as an incentive for your to get or stay fit.

Keep on learning no matter how old you are.  Designing and marketing workout sandbags has been a great learning experience for me.  Also included are web design, social media, photography, and many more skills needed.  You can find a way to learn something new.

Believe in something, regardless of what you do or do not believe in.  Science is a great tool to know and wonder at the creation that feeds us.  Nature is full of wonders that show us where we fit in and how we can live in peace and happiness.

Here's to your health.  And here's to your long life and happiness.  Some good sandbag training tips are here.

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