Hot weather workouts

You may or may not live somewhere that is hot in August.  Much of the USA is pretty hot right now.  So, how do you work out in the heat?

If you are going to do an outdoor workout, which is my favorite, use a synthetic wicking fabric tank top shirt.  Put it under a faucet, and soak it.  Then wring it out to be partially drained.  This creates an evaporative cooler that you wear.  The synthetic wicking fabric allows for rapid condensation, which takes off heat fast.

Another alternative to this method is to take it a step further.  You can buy towels or bandannas from sporting goods stores or departments or home centers and lumber yards.  They are made with crystals sewn inside the fabric that expand and emit cool when soaked with water.  After soaking with water for the specified time, wrap the towel or bandanna around your neck.  This is a great way to keep cool  And, if you don't have one of these, keep some cold water, and pour some into your hand, and splash it onto your neck beside the carotid artery on the lateral side of your neck.   Do it on both sides.

Near where I live is a public gym built around a multiple basketball courts.  There is a walking/running track in a balcony above and overlooking the track.  This gives the option of walking/running, or playing basketball for exercise.  And it is kept quite cool.  Maybe you have one near you.

Also near where I live is a small lake that is good for swimming.  I use it often in hot weather for a swimming workout.  I really like swimming for a workout in late summer, for both fun and for the recovery effect it has on my body.  I think swimming is often overlooked as part of an effective functional fitness strategy.

You may have room in your home for working out indoors in the air conditioning.  If so, good.  I have an extra bedroom that serves as my "man cave", gym, office, and warehouse.  Exercise sandbags take up little space and can be used indoors almost anywhere easily.  They are a great tool for any home gym, and work well indoors when it is either too hot or too cold to do an outdoor workout.

Here is another option for beating the heat:  Go to a building with stairs, and climb them.  That building may be where you work.  That is a great option for doing your workout either before or after work or during your lunch break.  If you use your lunch break, do not skip lunch to do your workout.  Try to eat afterwards quickly instead of not at all.  It is not good to go hungry at any time, especially after a workout.

These options can be used while working out either indoors or out.  The one thing you need to avoid at all costs is heat stroke.  Don't get me started on that.

If you live in Hawaii or Arizona, take advantage of the fact that you do not have daylight savings time.  Daylight savings time just takes an hour from the morning and puts it into the evening.  So you have an extra hour in the morning to do your workout.  The last time I was in Tucson I saw people out early in the morning running.  That time of day and year there it was below 100 and tolerable for those accustomed to that heat.  If you live in Hawaii, run on a beach and jump in the water to cool off.  

Whatever you do, have a happy, healthy and fit summer! Here are more sandbag training tips.

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